Amid Political Chaos KXNG Crooked Hits The Spot With ‘Good Vs Evil’ Album

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The KXNG Crooked Good Vs Evil Album Arrives With A Few Surprises

West Coast emcee and 1/4 of the Slaughterhouse imprint, KXNG  Crooked returns with a new album this week.  Another in a long line of politically charged albums this election year, the KXNG Crooked Good Vs Evil album, while obviously made prior to the election results, will cover topics at the heart of the community after the upset election.   Good Vs Evil is filled with messages and a tone in the same vein at the Black Lives Matter protests.  It is unapologetic and Crooked tugs at the heart with this one.

Similar to the rampant rash of police shootings against innocent civilians, KXNG Crooked does give a warning shot with Good Vs Evil. He directly tackles boiler-plate issues that are permeating society as a super-hero persona from a parallel universe; racial and economic injustices, unprovoked police brutality (and the glaring lack of accountability), a deteriorating educational system, governmental agencies that willingly pump poison into its communities and a basic disregard for civil rights.

It all started when I was watching a news segment on the murders of Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, Sandra Bland and all the other black people killed by police,” Crooked states. “I saw Tamir Rice’s mother on TV and the pain in her eyes made my blood pressure boil. No mother should lose a child like that. Then, I watched cops kill unarmed people on film and go home to their families like black lives didn’t matter. No charges and with paid leave. At the same time, I watched officers capture Dylan Roof alive and buy him a hamburger after he slaughtered nine black churchgoers. I thought to myself, are we under attack as black people to the point where I might have to shoot an officer just to survive a mere traffic stop? I thought, how crazy is it that we even have to think about that in America (in 2016)?

“I took all my anger and disappointment in current events and transformed it into art.  I designed an alternate reality where politicians are puppets controlled by “The Puppet Master” and police are A.I. robots programmed to kill lower class citizens.  In this “Planet X” reality the poor citizens create the movement.”

The KXNG Crooked Good Vs Evil album features 14 tracks and includes a slew of special guests ranging from Just Blaze to Eminem to RZA to Tech N9ne.

KXNG Crooked Good Vs Evil Tracklist

  1.  A Just Message (Intro) with Just Blaze
  2.  Welcome To Planet X with Eminem
  3.  Dem People with Xzibit and SAS
  4.  Robocop Went Pop
  5.   Rebe Party with The Observer
  6.  I Want To Kill You with Ashtray & The Observer
  7.  CrazyPsychoLovo
  8.  Intergalactic Hustling with Boroc
  9.  Revolutionary Funk with F Punk Pavarotti
  10.   Shoot Back (Dear Officer) with Tech N9ne
  11.  Obey (KXNGs Speech)
  12.  The Oath
  13.  KXNG Tut
  14.  Puppet Master with RZA, KinG! & The Observer

Listen To “Welcome To Planet X” with Eminem Below:

Also Check Out “Shoot Back (Dear Officer)” featuring Tech N9ne Below:

Listen To KXNG Crooked Good vs. Evil Below:


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