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Charlamagne Tha God Upsets Black Twitter; Suggests Black & Hispanic Women Needs A Voice Like Tomi Lahren

Charlamagne Tomi Lahren
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These Charlamagne Tomi Lahren Comments Help Him Become Twitter’s ‘Donkey of The Day’

Radio and TV personality, Charlamagne Tha God is all-too-well known for sparking social controversy and causing major feuds. With his usual ‘tell it like it is’ antics, Tha God seems to rub people the wrong way on a daily. What else is new? Whether he’s going off at the mouth in an interview with one of his Breakfast Club guests or voicing his unfiltered opinion among other matters, the 36-year-old wants to be heard and is not afraid to speak his piece. However, this time, Tha God might have gotten himself into some piping hot water.  The Charlamagne Tomi Lahren comments were a bit much.

Here’s what you need to know:
This past Tuesday, #BlackGirlTwitter gave Charlamagne Tha God the official ‘Donkey of The Day’ title, after he made a tweet, stating that he thinks it’d be ‘dope’ if a young black or Hispanic female used social media as a platform to be a voice like, host and political commentator, Tomi Lahren.

Though the Charlamagne Tomi Lahren comments may have been a generalization, our beautiful black and Hispanic women didn’t take so kindly to it. You may be wondering why, exactly. Well, here’s why.

The #BlackLivesMatter movement has been going strong for years now. With the rate of unreasonable murders–due to racial profiling and police brutality, steadily increasing, the #BlackLivesMatter movement has become a very prevalent source within the minority community. But, although there are plenty of great things to be said about #BlackLivesMatter, Tomi Lahren didn’t find one great thing to say at all. The conservative, 24-year-old has blatantly made it clear that her views of #BlackLivesMatter are quite critical. She’s even referred to the ‘Black Panthers’ as a form of the ‘KKK’, comparing it as a ‘hate group’. Her comment came after Beyoncé’s iconic ‘Black Panther-themed’ Superbowl performance back in February of this year. She and Charlamagne Tha God also had a debate, surrounding the issue, a few months back. Tha God stood strong in his ‘pro-black’ beliefs, while, she, on the other hand, expressed her #AllLivesMatter beliefs–to sum it up. We wouldn’t say those were her exact words, but the assumption was clear enough to be made.

However, Lahren disputes her ‘racial slurs’, basically claiming it to be just her own personal viewpoints. Since then, minorities haven’t been too happy with Lahren. So, a comparison definitely wasn’t the right move, in Charlamagne’s case. His tweet is unquestionably offensive in many aspects. For a woman of color who has worked hard to get where she’s at or IS working hard to get where she wants to be, this could very well offend. Also, for a woman of color who is yearning to be heard, but is overshadowed by those seen as ‘superior’ or ‘better qualified’, this is–with no doubt, offensive. Was Tha God’s intentions to downplay our fellow sisters? We can’t say that, but that’s just what it came off as.

Recently, The Breakfast Club host sat down with Tomi Lahren in person. Of course, the two being seen together raised a couple of eyebrows. But, Tha God says the two are not necessarily friends. Though the pair shares two different beliefs, Tha God does not believe Lahren is a racist; he believes she’s just misinformed. He’s also hoping to change her mind about recent statements she’s made about black people and the movement.

“I chose to inform her. I don’t know if she’s going to change or not. I just know I did my due diligence and had that conversation with her.” He says.

While we’re not sure if his informative mission will work out in favor, what we can say is that doesn’t erase the fact that he basically pissed off majority of a race. A race full of women who are already viewed in such a derogatory light.

Considering that he works with a great amount of POWERFUL women of color in media, the statement he made can be labeled as contradictive, most definitely.


Nonetheless, love or hate, Charlamagne Tha God seems to be holding it together pretty well. For the sake of keeping the peace, let’s just hope this is the last we’ll hear of this Charlamagne Tomi Lahren budding ‘friendship’.
See some of the tweets of the Twitter feud below.


Image Credit:  Aaron J. Thornton / Contributor  |  Getty Images

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