Kim Burrell Sets Social Media Off With Anti-Homosexual Comments In Recent Video

Kim Burrell

Gospel Singer, Kim Burrell Calls Homosexuals ‘Perverted’ During A Church Sermon

While most may be raving about their excitement of the coming of the new year, for Gospel singer, Kim Burrell, the new year isn’t off to a good start. Recently, a video of the 44-year-old singer surfaced, showing Burrell pastoring a service at her church, Love & Liberty Fellowship Church in Houston, TX. However, she definitely raised several eyebrows when the comments she made against homosexuality in the video went viral.

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“I came to tell you about sin,” Burrell stated in front of the congregation, “That sin nature, that perverted homosexual spirit, and the spirit of delusion and confusion. It has deceived many men and women. You, as a man, you open your mouth and take a man’s penis in your face; you are perverted. You are a woman and will shake your face in another woman’s breast; you are perverted.” She preaches in the sermon.

She then goes on to mention Bishop Eddie Long, whose sexual orientation and health status has been under question for quite some time.

“I’ve never seen anything as heartbreaking as watching Bishop Eddie Long go down to nothing. It’s an embarrassment for the church. ‘Cause nobody would be thinking you had AIDS if a homosexual man didn’t come out and reveal what you did behind closed doors. You have yet to deny it!”

Burrell’s anti-gay segment of her sermon spiraled social media out of control, as upset and heartbroken fans flooded her social sites. She eventually received a widespread of backlash, from people of all sorts.


Fellow celebrities also spoke out on the situation, such as Janelle Monae and Pharrell Williams. Williams, who was set to perform with Burrell on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, made it clear that he doesn’t ‘condemn hate speech of any kind’ in a recent Instagram post. “There is no room in this world for any kind of prejudice. My greatest hope is for inclusion and love for all humanity in 2017 and beyond.” He wrote.

Fellow Gospel songstress, Yolanda Adams also spoke out and agreed to equality for all, as did Chaka Khan.

However, although many may have been bothered by Burrell’s teachings, the singer took to Facebook LIVE to express her so-called intent behind it.

“What was posted was not all I preached [in that sermon].” She proclaims. “That is designed of the enemy to make it look like I have a personal agenda against people.”

Though Burrell may have kept it calm, cool, and collected on her LIVE video, the people in the comments didn’t. Distraught and angered fans explained their disappointment, but the singer, still, unapologetically justified her ‘hate’ words.

She went on to say, “To every person that is dealing with the homosexual spirit–that has it, I love you ’cause God loves you, but God hates the sin in you and me!”

As the video ended, she assured that she never said gays were going to hell and that–however, she was not taking back what she said, for she did what ‘God called her to do’.

To most, Burrell’s words came as a shock, seeing that she had previously worked on Frank Ocean’s–an openly bisexual singer, album. She also was set to perform on Ellen DeGeneres’s show–with Pharrell, for their song”I See Victory” from the Hidden Figures soundtrack, but after her homophobic statements, Burrell will no longer be appearing on the show.


Kim Burrell has since deleted her Facebook LIVE videos, issuing an ‘apology’, from her Facebook page, but we did happen to find them via Twitter. See below:



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