With new Single, “Immortal” Elley Duhé Is An Artist To Watch In 2017

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Songstress Elley Duhé Delivers With New Single, “Immortal”

While sitting and listening to recently released single “Immortal” by Elley Duhé, one can become completely immersed in her lyrics.

What a better way to kick off the New Year than with a hot new Hip-Hop influenced track.  At first thought, it’s interesting to imagine what could have possibly inspired the artist to create a melody like this one, but as she flows over the deep bass—the effortless track just carries you away.

Though Elley Duhé is quite familiar with the industry and this is not her first track, this one stands out for more reasons than one.

“Immortal isn’t about living forever in a literal sense,” Elley Duhé says (phew! glad she cleared that up). “It’s about never dying mentally, and about human resiliency, loyalty, pushing through life’s darkest moments and emerging with even more strength than you had before. It’s about knowing your value even if you’re at rock bottom, and, most importantly, it’s about the people who truly fight with you, for you, and beside you when everyone else is nowhere to be found,” the songstress goes on to explain.

In a year that has already been jump started with rap beefs and celebrity boxing matches, a dose of the positive is refreshing. Duhé has stepped on the scene determined to leave a legacy and has made great strides in doing so.  Born in Alabama, the Los Angeles transplant has already teamed up with big names like Usher, Remy Ma and Fat Joe and currently has a publishing deal with Universal.

If you’re hoping to stick this songtress in a cubby and label her under one genre, try again. On October 30, 2016. Duhé released an EDM song titled “Millennium” which helped catapult “Immortal” to what it is today.

Atta Girl, Elley Duhé! Way to kick off a fantastic new year.
Listen to “Immortal” Below:

Listen To “Millennium” with Tarro Below:

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