The Best Tools of the Haircutting Trade

Haircutting Done Right? Here’s How…

While no cutting tool will ever take the place of scissors, straight razors and hair salon products that function similarly are growing in popularity. They are doing so because hair professionals are discovering the versatility of these cutting instruments. So, what hair salon products are similar to straight razors? Products like wide tooth carving combs, twist razors and fine tooth carving combs are comparable cutting tools.

Wide Tooth Carving Combs

You can use a wide tooth carving comb to form sharp styles and cuts. This tool features razors on both sides. Use its top section to remove weight from hair. You’ll do this by cutting just half of the hair. The razor’s other side performs the same cuts as a straight razor, but it does so with a softer edge than a traditional straight razor. Most stylists use this type of cutting instrument on those with curly hair, but it can be used on thick haired individuals as well. A wide tooth carving comb offers convenience since it is one tool that performs several functions.

Twist Razors

With a twist razor, you’ll have a tool that allows you to remove about half as much hair as when you’re using a carving comb. The straight side of the twist razor functions like your favorite straight razor while the teeth side sends the hair toward the tool’s cutting edge. You can use a twist razor on all types of hair and even for styles that require dry cutting. Look for one that features an ergonomic design. This design places less tension on your wrist. It also gives you greater control over each cut.

Fine Tooth Carving Comb

By adding a fine tooth carving comb to your collection of haircutting tools, you’ll have an instrument that gives you flexibility even as it inspires you to follow your creativity. Straight razors offer this feature, but they do so by putting your fingers and your clients’ ears at risk. A fine tooth carving comb makes it easier and safer for you to complete cuts. The comb’s teeth holds the hair against its cutting edge to ensure precision while its size provides cutting flexibility. You’ll also appreciate the comb being built into the handle because you’ll have one less device to hold. You can cut all types of hair with the fine tooth carving comb, but it does work best on fine hair.

The Donald Scott NYC Line of Cutting Tools

After spending years as a stylist, Donald Scott NYC discovered that there was a lack of diverse hair cutting tools in the industry. Instead of complaining about it, he decided to act by creating his own line, giving other stylists the equipment to embrace their own styling creativity beyond straight razors. For instance, with Scott’s product line, you’ll have access to the Carving Comb Wide. This versatile tool can be used with your shears or as a stand-alone cutting instrument. For enhanced glide, consider adding Scott’s Prepare Liquid Tool Glide to your collection of cutting products. The Prepare Liquid Tool Glide primes hair for a seamless glide. It protects the hair and gives you more control with your blade while Scott’s Groom Stik Pro Trimmer makes it easy for you to complete customized cuts and trims.

Branch Out to Find Your Cutting Strength

With Donald Scott NYC haircutting tools, you’ll have the equipment that you need to branch out and discover your cutting creativity. When you have a straight razor, a wide and fine tooth carving comb, a twist razor and a trimmer, you’ll have the equipment that you need to enhance your styling ability.


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