Dave Chappelle Has Two Comedy Specials Dropping This Month

The Dave Chappelle Netflix Comedy Specials Get A Premiere Date

Dave Chappelle is back. You may have already caught him on SNL last year, but the comedian signed a deal with Netflix that would allow him to create three comedy specials exclusively for the streaming service. It’s been revealed this week that two of those comedy specials are going to premiere sometime this month. The deal was worth $60 million, more than what he was offered before he walked away from Comedy Central all those years ago.


Netflix has released a small teaser for the two part special in this short video. Both of which will be released on March 21st exclusively on Netflix. We simply see Dave in black and white, smoking a cigarette, while we hear the audio from the comedy special.

Apparently, one of the specials is titled The Age of Spin and was filmed in March of 2016. Another is titled Deep in the Heart of Texas and was filmed in April of 2015 during his appearance at Austin City Limits Live. No word yet on what the third special is titled, or when we will be seeing it.


Netflix is also going to be releasing specials from Chris Rock, Amy Schumer and Jerry Seinfeld this year, and they have announced plans to release a new comedy special every week for the rest of the year.

Dave Chappelle’s last comedy special was 2004’s For What It’s Worth.


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