Netflix Drops The Full Trailer For ‘The Get Down Part II’

Netflix Reveals Trailer For The Get Down Part 2

Just a few weeks ago, Netflix released a teaser trailer for the next set of episodes of The Get Down. It didn’t reveal very much and left us wanting more about The Get Down part 2. This week, the streaming service has delivered the full version of the trailer. And it’s almost set up like a Behind the Music series.

The last time we saw these beloved characters, Ezekiel (Justice Smith) and Mylene (Herizen F. Guardiola) were finally happy together setting out on their respective career paths. This new trailer, however, shows us that their chase of stardom is going to come at a pretty hefty price.

Ezekiel and the Get Down Brothers are making their way to the top, and it looks like jealousy and drugs, among other things, are going to be getting in the way. Mylene and Ezekiel’s relationship also looks like it’s going to be tested quite a bit. And, of course, the city of the Bronx is a character in the show in and of itself. Nas, an executive producer on the show, spoke on that a little bit with HipHop DX last year in an interview.

“I could remember the [New York City] blackout in ’77. I remember what it was like so if I had to write a scene for it to be filmed I could make it exactly the way it was in my apartment the night of the 77 blackout. So it took me back and that right there struck a chord with me.”

The Get Down Part 2 will premiere on April 7th exclusively on Netflix.

Watch The Trailer For The Get Down Part 2 Below:


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