Celebrities Who Took On Casinos & Lost

Casinos have always held a certain amount of fascination for our world’s biggest stars. Whether it’s the likes of Iggy Azalea flaunting her $10,000 casino win on Instagram, or even iconic Hip-Hop videos like Mase’s ‘Feel So Good’ taking place within Las Vegas, it seems that our celebrities love to spend some serious time at the gaming tables.


But despite this lasting relationship, some of our stars haven’t always had a successful time at the casinos. Take the likes of Baywatch actress, Pamela Anderson, who somehow managed to rack up a $250,000 debt in one night by playing poker in Las Vegas.


And whilst Anderson allegedly managed to clear this debt with a single make-out session to a mysterious benefactor, it’s fair to suspect that Jay-Z wouldn’t resort to the same methods!


The Hip-Hop legend reportedly lost $500,000 in a single high-stakes poker hand whilst out partying in Las Vegas. And if that wasn’t enough Jay-Z’s casino project has also fallen on hard times too!




Another rapper who’s played a little carelessly is Nelly. The rapper who’s given us legendary hits like ‘Hot In Herre’ has reportedly ended up penniless as the result of an ongoing gambling problem.


And whilst it seems as though Nelly is on a comeback with a sold-out world tour, it should serve as a cautionary tale before hitting the gaming tables. Perhaps reading some of the tips for gaming found at Lucky Nugget Casino could have helped some of our celebrities find a little more luck.


50 Cent (above) is another star who’s had a fairly strained relationship with gambling. Not only did he have to file for bankruptcy despite earning millions, he also had a home with an in-built casino and even boasting about his gambling problem on his 2007 track ‘What You Got’.


Diddy is one of the wealthiest stars in Hip-Hop, and he didn’t even have to go to a casino to get hit with a very weird lawsuit regarding gambling. Thanks to a slightly unhinged fan, the Hip-Hop star received a lawsuit claiming that he’d stolen a casino chip worth ‘over 100 zillions of dollars’.


And with even rising rap stars like Young Thug admitting that they have a gambling problem, it seems that we could all use a few tips on how to beat the casinos!

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