Catching Up With Boogiie Byrd, Murder Inc.’s Newest Prodigy

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Murder Inc.’s Boogiie Byrd Lets Us In On Working With Irv Gotti, His Latest Single, & What’s To Come

Born and raised in Forestville, Maryland, Boogiie Byrd–who was largely inspired by Diddy’s, now defunct, MTV’s Making the Band reality series, is one of three hot new acts, alongside both St. Louis’ Fitted Circle and Brooklyn’s Sir Preme, signed to Irving ‘Irv Gotti’ Lorenzo’s revamped and recently relaunched–through 300 Entertainment, Murder Inc. imprint. The label’s premiere 17-track compilation, Irv Gotti Presents.. TALES The Playlist features the DMV based spitter on four standout selections: “We Need”, “Troy’s Theme”, “Good Die Young”, and the aforementioned Fitted Circle assisted, “My Time.”

Boogiie is a producer, as well as an artist, crafting his own beats and versatile with live instruments, calling himself a true musician.

We caught up with Boogiie Byrd to talk about teaming up with Murder Inc., Irv Gotti’s influence, and what’s to come from the rising star. Check out the full interview below!

Parlé Mag: Talk to me about your sound. What makes it unique?
Boogiie Byrd: I’m very melodic based. So, I would say I have a ‘Trap Soul’ feel. My music is very personal and about real life situations.

Parlé Mag: How did you develop this partnership with Irv Gotti and Murder Inc.?
Boogiie Byrd: I was recently on tour with Irv’s brother, Chris Gotti, during his Add-Ventures Music runs. I dedicated a song to him and Murder Inc., and Irv Gotti was impressed. Irv flew me to Atlanta to make some records, and it’s been Murder Inc. since.

Parlé Mag: How involved has Gotti been with your music and the direction you’re going in?
Boogiie Byrd: Irv has a very strong input on the music we make. He is a genius when it comes to the way he wants our music to sound. He makes you work harder.

Parlé Mag: What advice has he provided you with at this point in your career?
Boogiie Byrd: He’s taught me different elements of sound, how to control the song, and, most importantly, to stay true to myself.

Boogiie Byrd

Parlé Mag: Your single, “We Need” is out now. Talk to me about the creative process behind that and how it all came together.
Boogiie Byrd: Irv sent me a couple beats, so I wrote to them on the plane on the way to Irv’s house. I recorded everything I had for “We Need”; Irv came down to the studio and worked his magic, and the record was complete. BIG shout out to Chink Santana on keepin’ the vibes on a hunnid!

Parlé Mag: What do you hope fans and listeners get from your music?
Boogiie Byrd: Truth. A connection with who I am and to feel like music ain’t dead! [laughs]

Parlé Mag: Are you happy with the current state of Hip-Hop?
Boogiie Byrd: I wouldn’t say ‘happy’, but I do like the unique energy that certain artists are bringing to the game.

Parlé Mag: What does the future hold for Boogie Byrd–let’s say five to ten years from now?
Boogiie Byrd: Four or five albums in, with Top 100 Billboard records! I’m thinking BIGGER than life from now on because what was once major to me before is now just a regular thought.

Parlé Mag: What can we expect from you in the months to come?
Boogiie Byrd: I’m working on soundtrack music with Irv Gotti, and we’re now in the studio putting a lot of great records together. I can’t wait for the world to hear what we’ve been working on.

Parlé Mag: Any final words you want to put out there?
Boogiie Byrd: To any and everyone reading this, I came from nothing and GOD made it possible for me; the same can happen for you. Only person that can stop you from winning is YOU!

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