The Most Spectacular Outdoor Music Venues

Outdoor Music Venues
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There is nothing quite like seeing a band playing live, singing your favorite songs and being surrounded by other fans enjoying the music too. The only way to make that concert any more enjoyable is seeing a band or artist playing in a spectacular outdoor music venue. Why not look at one of the venues below and combine seeing one of your favorite artists with a holiday? It will certainly be a memorable trip!

Pula Arena (Pula, Croatia)

This traditional Roman amphitheatre is thought to be the only one left with its four side towers and all three of its Roman architectural orders still preserved, making it a totally unique music venue. Located in Pula, Crotia, the Pula Arena was constructed back in the 1st Century AD where it was originally built to host gladiator battles. These days its home to various festivals as well as music concerts. If you’re wanting to stay nearby, there are plenty of hostels in the area that are reasonably priced.


Gorge Amphitheatre (Washington, USA)

The Gorge Amphitheatre is known as one of the most scenic concert locations across the globe. Surrounded by river gorge views, this 20,000-capacity venue has hosted concerts by big names such as Coldplay and Pearl Jam, with fans getting to enjoy the music in the gorgeous local weather. You can even sit on the slopped lawn seating to really relax and enjoy the show. The venue itself is near to a camping site, meaning you can stay in the area and enjoy the views long after the music has stopped.

Outdoor Music Venues
Ancient Greek Theatre (Taormina, Italy)

On the gorgeous island of Sicily is a spectacular town called Taormina, which has been carved into the side of a mountain. The Ancient Greek Theatre is also built high in the skies, meaning you get glorious views of the surrounding area, which includes Europe’s biggest active volcano, Mount Etna. With all the original architecture of an Ancient Greek Theatre, this venue regularly hosts music concerts as well as ballets and operas. Visitors can easily stay in one of the many local homes for rent set in the idyllic backdrop of Mount Etna.


Red Rocks Amphitheatre (Colorado, USA)

Just 15 miles outside Denver is the stunning Red Rocks Amphitheatre, a spectacular music venue that has been naturally formed by the surrounding rocks. This means the venue benefits from natural acoustics and ambience that other venues lack. The Red Rocks themselves also have great hiking and biking opportunities as well as Performer’s Hall of Fame with memorabilia from the biggest acts that have played the venue.


Dalhalla (Rättvik, Sweden)

Just 7km from the famous Lake Silijan in Sweden is a music venue situated in a former limestone quarry. Dalhalla is 60m deep and accommodates up to 4,000 people. This means it has the intimacy of a small gig, but with the uniqueness of being surrounded by cliffs. Popular with opera as well as music concerts, you can see all the upcoming events for the venue here.


Bluegrass Underground (Tennessee, USA)

Have you ever thought about seeing your favourite band 333ft below ground? Well with the Bluegrass Underground, located in the Cumberland Caverns in Tennessee, it’s entirely possible. Concerts takes place in the Volcano Room, which is a natural amphitheatre where bands and artists play against rocky surrounds. The venue itself likes to promote local talent and many different genres so expect showcase nights where you can discover new music as well as bigger names playing the venue.


Floating Stage of Bregenz Festival (Bregenz, Austria)

It’s rare to be able to witness a musical performance by the water, never mind on a floating stage on the waters of Lake Constance. Used as part of the visual arts festival, Bregenz Festival, this 7,000-capacity stage is used to take spectators on a unique experience for both the eyes and the ears. The design of the stage changes every two years, with previous designs including takes on the Statue of Liberty. The festival takes place in July and August every year, with tickets available from their website.


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