Social Media Roasts Kevin Hart for Cheating On Pregnant Wife, Eniko Parrish

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Kevin Hart is in a real bad spot right now. Worse than when Usher had all those issues on the “Confessions” song. Maybe even worse than when Usher was accused of giving random women herpes just a couple months ago (though there still isn’t any real proof out there). Kevin Hart was caught cheating on his very pregnant wife, Eniko Parrish. This led to social media roasting Kevin Hart because of this scandal.

The couple has only been married for a year and a few weeks, but Kevin Hart has been plagued with cheating rumors and accusations throughout the marriage. Back in July of 2017 he laughed off rumors that he was cheating with a woman in the back seat of a car. This time it turned out to be no laughing matter at all since extortion was part of the equation.

Enko Parrish was informed about the incident when she recieved a DM from an anonymous person. The video showed Kevin Hart with another women and you know what happens next. During the time of the incident a man claimed that he had the video of Kevin Hart being with another women. This led to Kevin Hart apologizing in public to his wife and kids. Which many did not buy and were not willing to forgive Kevin Hart for his actions.

Nonetheless, the internet with it’s vicious backlash was not about to let Kevin Hart off the hook for cheating and having to apologize for it. So social media roasts Kevin Hart And they were relentless.

Eniko wasn’t spared either…

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Social media roasts Kevin Hart for cheating, here’s some of the blasts:

After the tremendous amount of blacklash that Kevin Hart has recieved for his actions you would think it would have taught him a lesson.

The situation has given Kevin Hart a negative reputation which could have ruined his career as an actor. Luckily it did not but it wouldn’t be the end of it for Kevin Hart. Kevin Hart got himself into more controversies throughout the next few years. He should have learned from his past mistakes.

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