Real Estate Developer Jay Morrison Shares His Secrets To Success

Jay Morrison knows a thing or two about being a successful businessman. He does, after all, own several businesses, including various real estate ventures. In fact, Morrison is called “Mr. Real Estate.”

Not only is Jay Morrison a serial entrepreneur, he is also very community minded. The real estate developer is also founder of the Jay Morrison Academy, a real estate investing school and mentorship program. Morrison is also the CEO of the Tulsa Real Estate Fund, A real estate investing crowdfunding platform.

He passes his knowledge onto others because he wants to use his life experiences and personal story of achievement to empower and impact the lives of thousands of his Academy students, troubled youth, ex-offenders and real estate professionals. He teaches #RealEstate & Business Development to my community for free on street corners throughout the country. “We call it a #CornerClass,” he says.

Actually, Morrison, is on multiple missions, having so many different and successful business balls up in the air. I” am working on redefining my mission statement lately. I have multiple companies but as a brand and as a leader, I would say my core values are to love everybody, care for my community, and care for those in need. And how I do that is through teaching,” he said. “I use my life testimony as my inspiration to love and serve others.”

Jay Morrison who recently wrapped up a 25-city tour, is set to head to Africa to celebrate his birthday.

Here are Morrison’s success tips:

  1. Teach others: “Everyone has the power teach. We can all use our gifts to help others, and in doing so you are helping yourself,” he says. “I love teaching and I enjoy it. I never wanted to be a motivational speaker solely; I wanted to give people direction, strategy and give them the how to. I have grown and evolved so much and I wanted to show people how they can evolve.”
  2. Realize your success is tied to your community’s success. “This is true especially when it comes to changing your economic condition or the economic conditions of an entire community,” says Morrison. “The community has to equip themselves with new strategies and learn how to use its economic power wisely.”
  3. Think like an entrepreneur. “It’s a mindset that makes you want to be the owner,” explains Morrison. “You Are constantly looking to take control. Say you use a lot of whiteboards and as an entertainer you think, how can I make my own whiteboards. Ownership is where you have financial control.”
  4. Get a credit checkup. “Knowing and understanding your credit is very important,” advises Morrison. “Take a look at your financial health as you would go to the doctor. We offer some online courses, we can teach you things you have never been taught. You have to learn something different to do something different to take control of finale.”
  5. Own your financial situation. “Take accountability for your financial situation and start by accessing it. look at your monthly expenses and income. You need to know your money.”

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