Seven Most Followed Celebrities on Instagram

Most Followed Instagram

Seven Most Followed Instagram Accounts And Why You Should Follow Them Too

Here’s a look at the of the celebrities that have the most followed instagram accounts.

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Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez is the second most followed account on Instagram, as Instagram’s official page holds the number one spot. Gomez holds nearly 129 million followers. If you aren’t familiar with who she is, it makes you wonder why does she has so many followers? Gomez has been in the entertainment industry since a child. When most of us 90’s babies was watching Barney, Gomez was busy building her resume as she played Gianna on the show. Gomez is also the face of Puma, Coach and Louis Vuitton.

She also makes it a priority to be a spoke-person for people with Lupus. She is a warrior who is also dealing with the disease herself and using her platform to spread awareness.



Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande falls right under Gomez holding 114 million followers. She is a ball of sunshine, and believes in taking a stand against sexist double standards. In a previous radio interview Grande was asked, “if you could use makeup or your phone one last time, which one would you pick?” She rolled her eyes and replied, “ is this men assuming this is what girls have to choose from?”

Grande also take time out to encourage young girls to love themselves for more than their appearance and be who they are.



Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo is definitely eye candy you want to follow. He comes in at number three with 113 million followers. In February of 2017 he was awarded with best body in all of mankind. Imagine pictures of that posted all over your timeline. Not to mention his football skills. He is known for scoring fifty goals in one season, for four seasons.




Beyoncé also known as queen bee comes in at number four with 107 million followers and no followbacks. Beyoncé has been loved before she was even known as just Beyoncé. Emerging from the group Destiny’s Child, she has come a long way in the entertainment/music industry. Some people choose to follow her just because she is Beyoncé, does she really need another reason?



Taylor Swift

While Taylor Swift isn’t following anyone either, she comes in at number five, raking in 104 million followers. Taylor Swift brought back country music and made it popular again with her 2006 debut album “Taylor Swift”. Since then she has been using to platform to make a difference in peoples life by donating to charity and even visiting sick kids. Despite how famous she has become, the blonde bombshell is very humble and always makes time for fans. Not only that but she takes pictures of them too.



Kim Kardashian-West

Who cares about following Kim K, what does she have to offer? Some people might think, but Kimberly Kardashian actually has more to offer than most know. Coming in at number six, Kardashian has 103 million followers.

Besides being a wife to rapper Kanye West, and a mom to North and Saint West, she is a strong-minded entrepreneur and model who provides amazing makeup tutorials online. She also sells her own makeup and clothing line online.



Kylie Jenner

Finishing off the list at number seven, Kylie Jenner who happens to be Kim Kardashians sister comes in at number seven with 98.6 million. Kylie is a fashionista from her fierce outfits to her fantastic music following her will help you in the beauty department. She has a clothing line with her sister Kendall Jenner and she also has her own cosmetics line. Jenner is a creative young entrepreneur and model.

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