Too Short’s Rape Accuser Adds Defamation Claims to Court Case

Too Short’s Alleged Sexual Assault Victim Said to Be Filing Defamation Claims in Lawsuit Against Rapper

Last month, TMZ broke the story that a woman by the name of Teana Louis was suing rapper Too Short for alleged sexual battery, sexual harassment, gender violence, gender discrimination, and false imprisonment.

In response to these claims, Short denied all allegations, as he stated that Louis’ lawsuit was only a case of extortion.

“This is just blatant, outright extortion. I’m being extorted. It’s not a criminal case; it’s something that stems from over a year ago,” he said in an interview with TMZ. “It could only be extortion; it’s not anything else. They want money.”

Later in the clip, Short insinuates that Louis is still upset about a deal-gone-bad between the two. At one point, she was a potential signee of his, but, somehow, that fell through. So, he believes that this could be a revenge tactic.

Initially, Louis accused Short of sexually assaulting her a number of times in 2016, but the 51-year-old expressed that the furthest it ever actually went was foreplay, and he stands firm in saying that he has never indulged into any non-consensual sexual activity with the young woman.

However, reportedly, Louis feels that Short’s remarks were an attempt to defame her, silence her, and “further her victimization.” And, as a result, she has since filed additional documents under her original assault case… for defamation.

According to TMZ, Louis deemed Short’s statements as “false” and “humiliating”, and she’s angered that he thinks her suit is a get-rich-quick scheme.

But, we’ll let you be the judge. Check out Too Short’s comments for yourself… and tell us what you think.


This isn’t the first time that Short has been accused of sexual assault. In January 2017, another one of his artists also blasted him for allegedly attacking her, too.

As you can see, the “Blow the Whistle” rapper is in hot water… yet again.

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