Rapper Coupe Deville Back, Better Than Ever After Hiatus

Coupe Deville
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When listening to the music of Coupe Deville, whose real name is Michael Taylor, you would never be able to guess that it’s been a decade since he hit the studio. Taking a hiatus from 2006 to May of 2016, Coupe used the time to get back in touch with his music, to re-spark the passion he once had.

Now, it’s quite obvious he’s found it. With a unique Hip-Hop style like no other, the rapper is already preparing to release his next album, Between Heaven and Hell. The album will hold 14 tracks, and will be produced by a plethora of underground geniuses (including Chetameister,  BeastinsindeBeats, Jee-Huh, Jacob Lethal, Snack Beats,and Steve Pitts Jr.). The release details are unknown but surely stay tuned, as it’s going to be dope.

Coupe Deville
My biggest influence is my mom Susan. She introduced to me to music at a young age. Industry influences would be obviously Eminem but also 50 Cent, Busta Rhymes, OutKast, and Dr. Dre. Underground influences would be Tech N9ne, Hopsin, and Brotha Lynch. My main musical influence though is my best friend John Castillo who is also an underground rapper. I would describe my style as ‘me’. I mix old school swagger with new school mentality. I can’t be duplicated or copied. I literally have my own unique style, as it took many years to create my sound. I like to think of myself as a game changer because I bring the whole package. I would also describe my style as unorthodox because I don’t rap like your typical artist.”

Thankfully, prior to the album’s release, there more music in store for the thousands of Coupe Deville fans. With features from rappers such as Rills Mack, Gates Montana, Vinney Mendez, and Youngsta Demond, the EP Loyalty Over Royalty is going to be huge as well. It releases everywhere digitally on May 22nd, and its 5 tracks are produced by Aaron Kim.

The features all have one thing in common though, which is that they are all from Arizona rappers. Currently residing in Tucson, the state has meant everything to Michael since was growing up. Born in 1983, Michael lived in Columbus, Ohio for several years before moving to St. Louis with his mother to move in with his stepfather. When his real father passed away, the family headed out west to Tucson to tend his land, and Coupe Deville hasn’t left since.

Music has always been an essential in Coupe’s life, something he couldn’t live without. His goal is to reach the masses, and to make good music that people will enjoy. It’s just a part of him, and it always will be.

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“The number one reason why I make music is because it’s what makes me happy. Music is literally my therapist. I could live in the studio if they would let me. Without music I would be incomplete. I started making music because it’s my passion to create stuff that people can listen to and enjoy, simple and plain as that. I make music for the everyday music listener. There aren’t any hip-hop roots in my family but there are plenty of musical roots. Both of my uncles are DJs who own their own online radio stations.”

While waiting for the 2 major releases from Coupe Deville, his fans can bask in the glory of his other prior music. Citing his best song as “All Gas No Brakes”, it truly embodies what he values about his rap abilities and style. With an uptempo beat and hardcore bass, he says “I literally went in on this one. I spit some heavy artillery on this beat. I wanted to show my versatility on this beat and I think I accomplished that”. The music video was created by up-and-coming director Sonny Quezada, and featured professional model Tianna Camacho. Check it out, and have patience, as more music is coming soon.

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