Snoop Dogg’s Gospel Album Reminds Us That We’re God’s Children

The Snoop Dogg Gospel album, Bible of Love, is a change up from music about women, sex, drugs and self to music about family, loyalty, eternity, being sober and living right by God and others. But the seemingly sudden change in direction has many people questioning… What is the motivation behind this switch? Is his heart even in the right place as he continues to smoke and use profanity? So then, let’s see, is his heart in the right place? The answer is a resounding, “yes, and time will tell.”

Snoop explained in an interview leading up to the release of the project that the Gospel album, “has been on my heart for a long time and I have to do it now.” He goes on to say in the Beats 1 Radio interview, “I have always made it clear who I believe in and what I believe in, even though it was not on the forefront.”

Snoop’s, spiritual side was very evident and clear even back in his, “Murder was the Case,” days, where his lyrics were heavily rooted in conflicted spiritual themes. Snoop made references such as, “Dear God, I wonder can you save me?” And shared a scenario, about how the devil spoke to him and tempted him in his career. Sounds pretty clear, that Snoop felt an urgency in his spirit as he further made it known about the upcoming gospel album, “my soul could not rest until it is done.”

Wait, so how does this all work then? Alcohol, drugs and women, in his previous music, right? You cannot truly love God and consistently do things that are not lining up with what your God commands you to do, right? You cannot listen to mainstream music and say you still love God, can you? That would be an individual answer, with individual personal conviction that is tied to the individual spiritual journey and beliefs of each man.

Journey wise, it looks as different for Snoop as it does for you and me. Biblical wise, since, Snoop professes belief in the Jesus of the Bible, then the end result of an authentic spiritual transformation would be similar in that it produces growth, character and living life in the full according to biblical scripture.

Let’s rewind… to a brief time period in 2013. Remember when Snoop claimed to have converted to Rastafarianism, rooted in Niyabinghi belief systems? This was the phase where Snoop claimed to be taking on Rastafarianism as his new religion. Will this Snoop Dogg gospel album be just another phase of Snoop’s spirituality? During the Rasta phase, Snoop made it known that he would have his named changed to, “Snoop Lion,” and connected with a reincarnation of Bob Marley, accompanied by the growth of dread locks and love of reggae.

On his new album, Snoop addresses using cannabis, and how no longer smoking it lines up with his spiritual beliefs and personal goals. “Sitting here smoking trees, when I should be on my knees. I’m not where I am supposed to be.” He clearly admits that he is not where he is supposed to be when he is, “smoking trees.” He raps that, “In addiction you can’t find me. No rest for my soul until I come clean.”

A higher power, changed thinking and a clear mind are huge themes in mental health and substance abuse recovery and even for self-actualization. Snoop’s spiritual shift addressed his need for personal clarity on the subject of his own long term, inner conflicts of using cannabis. I think then, it would be safe to say that Snoops Higher Power has taken him on an eternal mindset, a higher level, void of the absolute need to get high.

Preluded conversations about Snoop’s album, are now coming to fruition. And this is the position Snoop is rapping/preaching from right now…He makes several references to Jesus being Lord to him and speaks Jesus’s name multiple times as he smiles. As Snoop shares previews of his new songs, he gives a joyful impression of being peacefully engaged while soaking in a relaxed atmosphere.

Snoop expresses excitement to spread the Word in one of his You Tube Preview videos, and it goes like this… “Gospel record, I can’t wait to give to ya, something early in the morning for ya. Blessing me, blessing me one more time. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, He’s blessing me one more time.”  On his You Tube videos, Snoop references family, shows pictures of a graduate, promotes a life of thankfulness, giving to the poor and promotes educational success as a high priority.

Does releasing a Gospel album mean that Snoop no longer uses profanity, no longer sins or “smokes trees?” No, he has not said that, yet. Rather, he is sharing his faith, welcoming others and empowering others with a, come as you are philosophy. Snoop provides an acknowledgement of God, and is using his platform and gifts to be productive spiritually. In this venture, Snoop displays an incredible sense of self-awareness, a deepened truth to self and others. Snoops immediate reward perhaps will be a relief of urgency now that he answered the knock at his heart.

What does this mean for future Snoop? As Snoop continues on his spiritual journey we can expect changes to become more evident. That is, since biblical scripture states, “if anyone belongs to Jesus Christ, the old has gone, new has come.”

This is why many are so shocked, it is a total flip of the script. For Snoop, it means proof of belonging to Jesus, literally.

My favorite preview song so far is, “My Words are Few” featuring B Slade.

Real talk, Snoop promises to us is that, “My Words Are Few because… My actions, not my words will prove that I am a child of God.”

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