Goo Goo Atkins Dishes on Role In New Movie ‘Beautifully Broken’, Passion For Acting

We all enjoyed Goo Goo Atkins from the hit WE TV reality show ‘Mary Mary’ and currently love her on TV One’s ‘We’re The Campbells’, however, fans now get a chance to get an entirely different look at Goo Goo Atkins in the new movie Beautifully Broken, which recently premiered in theaters.  The reality television personality, celebrity stylist and entrepreneur has already won our hearts with her fun, no nonsense personality and great fashion sense.  We got a chance to get a bit more familiar with Goo Goo Atkins during a recent interview.

Based on a true story, Beautifully Broken takes you on the remarkable journey of Randy Hartley and William Mwizerwa who each have a common denominator amongst the two of them—a tragic experience no one can fully comprehend. Both men turn tragedy into triumph by becoming a united front in order to help people in need globally.

“I have the pleasure of playing the role of a judge. It’s a very small and important part; it’s a pivotal moment in the movie. It’s not like anything you’ve seen me in before. I am truly excited and blessed to be a part of this,” Atkins detailed.

Beautifully Broken movie starring Goo Goo Atkins
The nucleus of the story tugs at the heartstrings as you find yourself yearning for a happy ending to take place. William and his family are survivors of the Rwandan genocide, and ultimately he is forced to leave everything he holds dear behind due to the tyranny taking place. After pursuing a better life in America, fate brings him to First Presbyterian Church in Nashville, Tennessee, where he encounters  Randy. Time moves along and as the men’s friendship grows, so does the church’s funding and Legacy Mission Village, a nonprofit that assists legal refugees in achieving citizenship, is born.

“It was not like anything that I’ve seen. I’ve been offered many roles that are Goo Goo—sassy, big opinion. I know I’m a character, but I don’t wanna be who I am in movies. But this is something different and I believed in the story. It touches a lot of people and it really needs to be told,” said Atkins with a chuckle.

goo goo atkins
Even though she’s had a lengthy career in the fashion game styling her sisters Erica Campbell and Tina Campbell of gospel mega group Mary Mary, as well as other celebrity clients, believe it or not, styling was not always on her radar. So it makes sense that these days she is focused on pursuing her first love of acting, but Goo Goo does not regret the opportunities that came her way in the process of finding her way back to the art. “I’ve wanted to act since I was 11, and actually started when I was 16 and I’m 40 now. I received training from the Amazing Grace Conservatory and my teacher was actress Wendy Raquel Robinson, you may know her from the show ‘The Game’,” she explained. “In high school, I was always a part of plays, musical theater and in college I was a theater major. Fashion stumbled upon me,” said Atkins.

Growing up as a plus size girl, Goo Goo’s creativity was sparked when she wore hand me downs via her older sisters because there weren’t a lot of fashion options that catered to her. At that time, plus size wasn’t as celebrated as it is now in today’s society. Of course there were times when she was called a ‘fat girl’ and noticed other girls weighing only 90 pounds when she was 125. But instead of internalizing the ignorance, Goo Goo utilized it as a stepping stone. “I was called things every day, but I kept going. I was never popular or the girl people wanted to date. It made me stronger, search and find my good and value and be okay with what’s not perfect. I work towards it. Whatever the issue is: If I’m not forgiving, if I’m not being a good enough Christian, if my attitude isn’t right, I am constantly working on it. That is how I combat it,” she explained.

The mission is quite simple—to be your best self at all times. “You still love the living daylights out of yourself. (I had in my mind) Y’all can’t touch me and you still can’t tell me that I don’t have it going on,” she emphasizes. “You can never come to me and say you are x, y and z because I know what my flaws are. Being a fat girl, when people say that, it doesn’t bother me one bit,” she continued.

Little did Goo Goo Atkins know that what was considered her ‘flaw’ would one day be a professional door to walk right on through. Soon after navigating through the industry as a background singer, her personal style began to catch the eyes of many who were admirers and when she needed some work, she made herself available as a stylist. One thing eventually led to another and the rest is history.

Goo Goo is determined to make her mark in the movie industry and even though she has officially stopped styling, she still enjoys helping people. There will definitely be more ‘Goo Goo Style’, a show that showcased her fashion do’s and don’ts airing on WE TV. Any movie role that crosses her desk and peaks interest, she is willing to take on and master, just like she did the fashion industry. “I had a showroom that I closed September of last year. I did it and the lease was up, so I felt that I was done…(I want to do) more acting and personality stuff. Brand Ambassador things,” she said.

On the horizon, Goo Goo Atkins is launching ‘Clothed in Confidence’, a series of speaking engagements that is more personality driven, in which fans get a chance to hear her story of accomplishment. This will be for panel discussions, parties, big events such as the Essence Festival and the like. “That’s what we’re branding right now. Things are getting underway and set in motion. We all have areas of opportunity where we can grow and I want to tell people how I’ve made it,” Atkins shared.

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