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[STREAM] Nicki Minaj Reveals Her Long Awaited ‘Queen’ Album

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Fans had to wait a little longer than they wanted for this project, but the Nicki Minaj Queen album is finally here.

Nicki Minaj took over Beats 1 on Apple Music last night with her own show, Queen Radio. She pulled out all the stops, with special guest appearances from a number of artists featured on the album, others who weren’t featured and famous supporters. Yo Gotti, Normani, Foxy Brown, Kelly Rowland and Kim Kardashian were just some of the people in the building.

Right around midnight when fans were hoping the Nicki Minaj Queen album would be hitting streaming services, Nicki was caught up in a messy on air back and forth about exactly when the album would be released. Nicki even threatened to leak the album herself, but the label wouldn’t budge on a noon, August 10th release.

Nicki Minaj Queen Tracklist
01.  Ganja Burns
02.  Majesty featuring Eminem & Labrinth
03.  Barbie Dreams
04.  Rich Sex featuring Lil Wayne
05.  Hard White
06.  Bed featuring Ariana Grande
07.  Thought I Knew You featuring The Weeknd
08.  Run & Hide
09.  Chun Swae featuring Swae Lee
10.  Chun-Li
11.  LLC
12.  Good Form
13.  Nip Tuck
14.  2 Lit 2 Late Interlude
15.  Come See About Me
16.  Sir featuring Future
17.  Miami
18.  Coco Chanel featuring Foxy Brown
19.  Inspirations Outro

Listen to the Nicki Minaj Queen album below:

Nicki Minaj previously released the visuals for “Chun-Li” and “Bed”

Nicki Minaj “Chun-Li”

Nicki feaaturing Ariana Grande “Bed”

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