LHHMIA’s Baby Blue Gets into Full-Blown Brawl Over Girlfriend

What happens in Miami stays in Miami… unless you’re on the set of Love & Hip Hop

According to TMZ, Love & Hip Hop: Miami cast member Baby Blue, from the chart-topping R&B group Pretty Ricky, got into a full-blown brawl this week, which sent a guy to the ER.

Blue’s opponent was reportedly a man by the name of Dante, who appeared at Blue’s home while he and his then-fiancée, #DoubleDoseTwins’ Michelle Carolus, were shooting for LHHMIA. 

After calling off her and Blue’s engagement, sources say Michelle was ready to say deuces to the 34-year-old and his Dade County mansion. Allegedly, Dante pulled up to help move her belongings, but apparently, that didn’t sit well with Baby Blue, and things suddenly took a violent turn.

What started as a verbal altercation ended in a physical fight. As a result, Dante was left with a “nasty gash” had to make a trip to the hospital for stitches.

Officials were notified, but by the time they arrived, both parties had fled. VH1 was present for the showdown, but, unfortunately, the cameras weren’t rolling.

We’re hoping Mr. Dante heals up soon.

As for #BlueChelle, aka Blue and Michelle, we’re assuming that it’s officially a wrap for the item, but we can never be too sure with this roller-coaster couple. If you follow the once-lovebirds on social media, then you probably know why we said that.

The two began dating late last year, early this year and got engaged this past August. Since then, they’ve been very open about their relationship, even creating an Instagram page to show fan their day-to-day life together. 

However, as of late, the page has been deactivated, and just last week, Baby Blue posted that they were no longer heading to the altar. Upon deletion, he claimed that it was just a joke. But it looks like all jokes have been put aside, and their march to matrimony has been cut short.

We don’t know what the future holds, but it seems that we’ll just have to stay tuned.

Love & Hip Hop: Miami returns January 2nd!

Will you be tuning in to this season of LHHMIA?

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