How to Organize a Surprise Family Holiday for 2019

Family Holiday

Every family deserves to take a break from their daily routine to relax and have some fun together. It will allow you all to spend some quality time in each company and make superb memories you can fondly look back on.

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To add a little fun and excitement into the experience and prove just how much you love your nearest and dearest, here are some top tips on how to organize a surprise family holiday for 2019.

Choose a Destination Every Family Member Will Love

It is essential to think about your family members’ different personalities when booking a surprise trip.

While some might be happy to spend their entire holiday by the pool, others might want to explore a beautiful destination with ease.

Prove just how well you know your family by picking a spot they will each love. For example, you could book a stay in one of the many villas in Cyprus that will serve as a relaxing retreat, as you can avoid the hustle and bustle of a busy hotel and it will provide a perfect base to explore the beautiful island and its many attractions.

Clear Your Loved Ones’ Schedules

Before you book a stunning holiday spot, you will need to clear your loved ones’ schedules for your chosen dates.

For example, you might need to telephone your partner’s employer to arrange some holiday days – and don’t forget to swear them to secrecy.

It might also be a smart idea to time a getaway for the summer break, so you don’t need to pull your children out of school and jeopardize their grades.

Find Your Family Members’ Passports

Make sure to find your family members’ passports before you attempt to book a flight, as you will need to know their ID number, exact name on their passport, and passport expiration date.

You must also familiarise yourself with a country’s visa requirements, which you might need to buy for each family member to gain entry.

Plan a Fun Itinerary

You will want to ensure your other half and children are smiling from ear to ear when you surprise them with a fun family holiday.

That is why you should arrange some fun excursions in advance, which will add a little extra excitement into a surprise getaway. For example, you can guarantee your children will be eager to:

  • Visit a theme park
  • Explore a zoo
  • Go kayaking
  • Enjoy a day on a private boat

Aim to Keep the Surprise a Secret

Of course, if you want to keep a holiday a surprise, you’re going to need to be a little sneaky.

Not only must you remain tight-lipped about your break away, but you also must avoid using your partner’s credit card and never send holiday confirmations to their email address, which is one of the easiest ways to spoil a big surprise.

For example, if you have flown with an airline in the past, ensure the account you use isn’t connected to your spouse’s email address or smartphone.

Photo by Charlie Hang on Unsplash