Logic Releases Debut Novel & Surprise Soundtrack for ‘Supermarket’

Bobby Hall Supermarket

First time author, Bobby Hall, better known to fans as Logic, has released his debut novel, Supermarket.  The book was released by Simon & Schuster, released today, March 26th.

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Bobby Hall Supermarket synopsis:
SUPERMARKET opens with Flynn: depressed, recently dumped, and living at his mom’s house. When he gets a job at Muldoon’s, the local supermarket, he hopes that his boring suburban existence will get a spark of inspiration. A diverse group of eccentric coworkers await him. As Flynn gets accustomed to his new gig and makes some friends, his creative juices start to bubble again—just what he needed to jumpstart his novel based on the people he meets on the job. He even finds himself falling for a colleague who may restore his faith in love.

When Flynn arrives at work one day to a crime scene, he discovers that nothing about the supermarket is what it appeared to be, and the secrets of his tortured mind are revealed as his world collapses. Something seems to be after him at the supermarket, but Flynn isn’t sure that he wants to confront it.

Crackling with dark humor, extraordinary twists, and larger than life characters, SUPERMARKET is a compulsively readable thriller with echoes of work by Quentin Tarantino, Chuck Palahniuk, and Kurt Vonnegut. Bobby Hall flexes his tirelessly creative muscles to create a world that feels so real, you believe you can reach out and touch it. Who knew that you could find sex, drugs, and murder all in aisle nine?

Logic also released a 13-track soundtrack for the book, where he delves into new musical genres to create a totally new experience for his fans. “I wanted to use my novel as an opportunity to challenge myself musically diving into a completely new genre,” Logic explained.  Listen to the project below.

Stream the Logic Supermarket soundtrack below

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