How to Get Started with a Career in Television

Everybody supposedly has their fifteen minutes of fame, but some naturally want just a bit more than that. Celebrities and public figures are often authoritative, respected, and admired individuals in society, providing the masses with an array of benefits (from news and reporting to entertainment).

Many people know that they’d love to enjoy a career in television but are not sure how to make that goal a reality. While there are many ways in which to be involved in the media, most want to be in front of the cameras themselves.

Let’s take a look at what you’ll need to do if a career in television is your ultimate goal.


Pursue the Relevant Education


Before you can follow any ambition, you must first acquire the proper training and education. While there are seemingly countless professions on television, there are some skill sets that benefit virtually anybody.

Obviously, a four-year education in a field related to television sets your future resume apart from others. Whether you decide to pursue a communications degree at a local university or a liberal arts degree online, areas of study such as these expose people to the talents, skill sets, and personalities that will be commonplace in any television career.


Look for Entry Level Opportunities


During or after you’ve completed your formal education, searching for opportunities to work in television is a must. Regardless of whether you want to be in front of the camera or not, getting your foot in the door with a local studio or news station can provide many benefits. Not only will you learn how the business works up close and personal, but you’ll also become familiar with a variety of television-related procedures, tricks, and tips that can benefit you later in your career.

In many cases, TV internships can be the first step in a long and fruitful television presence, but those seeking a more direct pipeline to being a star will have to consider other options. Some examples include finding an agent, auditioning for roles in local television, and building a portfolio.


Create Your Own Content


Those ready to pursue careers in television do not have to wait around for somebody to take a chance on them: they can get started today! With new media making it possible for literally anybody to broadcast their thoughts, feelings, and projects around the planet, you can begin building a filmography, portfolio and/or any other relevant elements that showcase your acting chops.

Some have found great success with content platforms such as YouTube, becoming celebrities themselves without ever having to deal with traditional show business. Others who have found success began writing, directing and/or starring in homegrown movies, or used public access to begin increasing their visibility.


Network, Network, Network


Last but not least, never forget how powerful networking is in the television industry. Knowing people – from local broadcasters and reporters to major Hollywood directors – helps you learn about more opportunities in television. Being such a social industry, look for every opportunity to mingle with industry leaders, whether they be local personalities or A-list celebrities.

It can take many years to break through in television – most actors and news personalities will tell you this – but the reward is worth the wait. By focusing on your education, looking for any opportunities as they arise, creating your own projects and content in the interim, and networking with industry influencers, you can build a solid foundation for creating your very own TV star power.

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