Nick Cannon Steps Up To Complete The Dr. Sebi Documentary

The conspiracy theories have been out of control since the Nipsey Hussle murder.  The most popular being that Nipsey was murdered by the government because he was working on a Dr. Sebi documentary.  Today, Nick Cannon has added fuel to the conspiracies, declaring that he will finish the Dr. Sebi documentary in one of several social media posts about Nipsey and the doctor.

Dr. Sebi was a herbal healer, who among other things, claimed that AIDS and all diseases could be cured, but the government wanted to prevent the cure from being spread so that they could continue to profit on medications.  Born in Honduras as Alfredo Darrington Bowman, Dr. Sebi would move to New York to start his herbal practice.  He eventually relocated to Los Angeles, still practicing herbal medicine. He helped several celebrities in this time and became wealthy from his practice.  When he was taken to court and asked ot prove that he had actually cured people with his treatments, Dr. Sebi was able to bring in 77 patients.

In 2016, Dr. Sebi died in police custody in Honduras due to complications from pneumonia.  He was 82 years old. Many of his followers believe that he was killed by the government because of what he was preaching and his practice.

Nipsey Hussle announced that he would be doing a Dr. Sebi documentary.  The documentary, which followed the 1985 court trial in which Dr. Sebi proved he had a cure for AIDS, allegedly contained evidence that the government assisted in Dr. Sebi’s death. Nipsey spoke about the documentary on several radio interviews, and he praised Dr. Sebi in his music.  As of this time we are not sure how far Nipsey actually was in completing the Dr. Sebi documentary.

In a post on Instagram, Nick Cannon vowed to continue wherever Nipsey left off.

I’m gonna say this only for the real ones to recognize. Where you left off, we gonna carry one! It’s a MARATHON, so I’m picking up the baton! Because they can’t kill us all! Spiritual Warfare is REAL and in full effect. And now your Spirit is protecting your community eternally! Your words, your steps, your walk always was and always will be SOLID! Now, Your message is my message! Your work is my work!


Nick also posted several Dr. Sebi videos on his IG as well.


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