The Politics of Drug Testing

Drug Testing
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Drug testing is something which happens in nearly every working environment and is presented as necessary for a safe working environment. However, drug tests are not simply a medical protocol, and there are often a lot of politics surrounding their usage, which disproportionately affects workers who are not white. To help you to better understand this and learn how you can beat this biased system, this guide has put together some useful and informative information for you.

Some background to drug testing

Drug testing was designed to be given to workers to deter the consumption of alcohol and drugs. The reason for deterring these substances being used is because it can be for genuine health and safety concerns, such as not wanting someone to operate heavy machinery if they or intoxicated. Other reasons for the tests include wanting to ensure the highest possible levels of productivity for your employer, which is slightly less well-founded. Many people will use low-level drugs, such as cannabis, to help with things like pain management, and this actually helps them to do their jobs.

The problem with drug testing

If you do your research and get some reliable information about medical cannabinoids, you will see that it can be used in a wide variety of ways for a wide variety of reasons. Some people will use the substance to help cope with pain from, for example, chronic illnesses, while others will use for the calming effects which have been proven to help with mental health conditions such as social anxiety and depression. With this information in mind, drug testing for cannabis isn’t always the right thing to do for employees, as they need it to get through each day.

Alongside this, there is evidence of racial bias in drug testing practices, which goes back for many decades. When you consider the statistical fact that non-white drug users get significantly harder sentences that there white counterparts, this calls into question the ethics of drug testing altogether.

How to beat the system

If you use cannabis for the medicinal effects of the THC or CBD contained inside, you should have the right to continue treating your physical or mental health condition while not having to worry about job security or racial profiling. One of the easiest ways to get around this issue is to buy synthetic urine from The Urinator website to submit as your drug test sample instead of your own.

This fake urine has been created in a lab to be able to pass a drug test with flying colours while also being recognised in the test as human urine, not synthetic. This is a good investment for you to ensure your job security and try to get around the potential of racial profiling in the workplace. While these synthetic products can cost a fair bit of money, you need to think about the overall benefit of being able to keep your job and medicate your illness, which will allow you to financially support yourself and keep healthy.

Photo by Drew Hays on Unsplash

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