Dressing Like Your Favorite Music Icon

Dressing Like Favorite Music Icon
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Everyone has someone they admire and look up to for their personal fashion sense and natural flair. Music icons are often effortlessly on-trend and even set the pace for the coming trends too. So, it’s not surprising that many fans want to emulate the style of these music stars and dress like them. In order to dress like your favorite music icon, you must figure out where they shop and what their favorite brands are, as well as figuring who their icons and muses are too. 

Study the clothes they wear – how they achieve a casual look, what they wear to formal events, and how they choose to present themselves on stage. Get a well-rounded idea of how they piece their outfits together, and what they wear to different events and certain settings. 

What Do You Like Most About Their Style? 

Ascertain what it is that you enjoy so much about their style. If you like the way they do their hair, then look to see if you can follow along with YouTube tutorials, or take a photo of them to the hairdresser to help you to achieve the look you’re going for. 

Next, take yourself shopping, look in charity shops, and online to piece together your wardrobe. Stick to what you know they wear, and try not to vary it too much until you’re a little more practiced at pulling off the desired look. 

If you like a streamlined look, then go for garments that are timeless and of good quality like a cashmere sweater women, a quality leather and/or denim jacket, and fitted garments that accentuate your best features. 

Don’t Just Listen To Their Music

In order to get to grips with your favorite music icon’s style, you’ll need to study them on a deeper level. Read interviews whereby they discuss their most cherished designers and the places they extract inspiration from. Listen to their music to feel connected to the lyrics and the artist, but also understand the inspiration behind a song so that you can understand their motivations and interests a little more too. 

Find Out Where They Shop 

Get a feel for their style by emulating it in your everyday outfits, and see how you feel. You needn’t go out dressed as a carbon copy of them, but instead add a few details that they use to define their style. As aforementioned, read through interviews they’ve given, listen to radio broadcasts whereby they discuss their style and don’t forget to search for podcasts that they might have participated in too. 

Be sure to follow them on Instagram as sometimes they’ll answer fan’s question about their clothes and shopping habits. 

Watch Their Style Progression 

Undoubtedly, your favorite music icon will have made some errors in the past that they’d like to forget however since they’re in the public eye, they probably won’t be able to. Follow your icon to ensure that you don’t make the same mistakes. Watch how their style has progressed and developed, and try not to get too focused on their past favored trends as you want to grow your taste in tune with theirs.

Photo by freestocks.org on Unsplash

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