No Frump Zone: 4 Male Celebrities with Great Winter Style


How can you stay warm this winter without looking frumpy? Take celebrity fashion inspiration from these four well-dressed male celebs!

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Getting prepared for winter can be a challenge, especially if you live somewhere with extreme cold or lots of snow. The days get shorter, the weather can be unpredictable, and when the holiday season gets going, everyone feels busier and more hectic.

There are great things about winter too, though, and your style should be one of them. One of the best ways to embrace the cold is with fashion. Take your cues from celebrity fashion, and put together winter looks that you’ll actually look forward to wearing.

Your personal style can and should influence the kind of pieces you buy for winter, but don’t be afraid to take inspiration from men’s celeb fashion. You never want a warm coat or an extra layer to make you look frumpy. As winter approaches, it’s time to start shopping. 

Read on to learn about four male celebrities with great cold-weather style.

1. Prince Harry

Anyone who grows up in London has to learn how to dress for the cold, and royal favorite Prince Harry is no exception. The way he interprets male celebrity style for colder temperatures is unique though. Prince Harry’s style has clearly been influenced by his royal standing, but that’s a good thing. He never looks like he’s trying too hard to chase a trend, and even when he’s in a long wool coat, the clothes never overwhelm him. If you prefer pieces that are classic and timeless, Prince Harry should be the man you look to for winter style. Opt for wool coats with a slim fit, and scarves with a classic herringbone or plaid print.

2. Kanye West

Kanye West is known for being out there when it comes to male celebrity style, but you can’t deny that he’s an original. He always grabs attention with his looks, including his winter style. Even though he leans to looser fitting and more street style-inspired looks, he still pays attention to fit, which is what keeps his looks feeling fresh. 

3. Ryan Gosling

In the movie Crazy Stupid Love, Ryan Gosling’s character leads the charge in giving his older, unstylish friend a complete style makeover. It’s not hard to believe that Ryan himself would do this in real life, given how popular he has become for his men fall style. Ryan seamlessly transitions from casual to formal and can wear a shearling as well as he can wear cashmere. The one common element to his clothes is their great fit. If you want to emulate him, pick out whatever jacket suits your style, and then take it to be tailored.

4. Drake

Drake is not only one of the most popular rappers of today, but he’s also a male celebrity fashion icon. Originally from Canada, he knows a thing or two about dress for cold weather. His go-to looks include men’s down jackets and parkas, but even though they are oversized, they never look frumpy. Balance out those types of bigger jackets with slimmer cuts everywhere else.  


Wearing a layered look or a heavy jacket is necessary to stay warm in cold weather. That being said, you should still pay attention to the fit of your outerwear and your overall proportions. Take some inspiration from celebrity style, and you won’t go wrong this winter. 

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