Wedding Planner Advice: Top Tips to Have a Great Wedding

Wedding Planner Advice

Planning a wedding is nothing short of chaotic and overwhelming most of the time. There are a lot of moving parts that you are responsible for. On top of this, clients can be demanding and budgets often get tight, but you still have to make the right choices to pull everything together.

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You’ll end up with great results but you shouldn’t have to make things harder from yourself. Check out these wedding planner advice tips for having a great ceremony.

Go Over Budget

Before you arrange anything, the first topic you should talk about is the couple’s budget. This will be a huge factor for making most of the decisions. If the couple does not have a clear financial plan, you can help them make a budget.

Most wedding planner advice will suggest being very careful and considerate of the finances at all times.

Be Clear on Dates

One of the easiest ways to make planning a wedding even more stressful is forgetting due dates. Items will need to be paid for, venues will need to be booked and the big day will arrive sooner than you think. Have your wedding programs in order to send out invitations on time.

Take this wedding planner advice seriously and keep a close watch on the calendar and schedule book. It’s best to plan ahead and plan accordingly and always have a backup.

Write Down Checklists

There are plenty of fine details in a wedding ceremony are easy to forget. If you’re wondering how to plan the perfect wedding, the answer lies in your ability to keep track of any and every little thing that has been requested to be included on the day of the event.

Write all the items down that the couple needs and wants. Remember to add in quantities, colors, etc.

Take Instructions

Although couples (especially brides) might ask for some outrageous things sometimes, the best piece of wedding planner advice to apply is following their instructions for their big day. Try not to discourage clients by forcing your own vision on them.

Remember that you’re there to make their dreams come true.

Speak Up When Necessary

Even though you should do your best to keep clients happy, it is also your job to keep things flowing as smoothly as possible. So it is beneficial to speak up when you see situations getting out of hand.

For instance, you might have a bridezilla on your hands who keeps making changes. You should let her know immediately if this is cutting into the budget or deadlines too much. It’s for the best interest of her big day.

Remain Calm

Usually, when you plan a wedding the bride will more than likely be frazzled and the groom will be exhausted. The most important thing for you to be is calm. This will help to keep everything and everyone around you balanced and on the right track.

It’s fine to take some time to yourself or step back for a few moments if things get too overwhelming.

Looking for More Wedding Planner Advice?

Everyone expects the best on their wedding day. And taking the right wedding planner advice will help you to deliver these expectations (plus more) to your clients.

If you’re looking for more advice on planning weddings and other events, check out our blog section.

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