5 Best Urban Style Watches To Compliment Your Look

BR V1-92 Bellytanker Urban Style Watches

Urban styles are vibrant and stylish in nature. Streetwear fashion is one good example that everyone may have inevitably tried. You may also think of the Coachella or the bohemian theme when it comes to urban style.

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Little do people realize how much small accessory details matter. To name one, watches could be essential for a complete fashion look. We all know that good accessories, or watches, elevate your style, and wearing unmatching accessories will ruin everything.

If you are looking for watches to wear for this season, this article is for you. We have listed 5 urban style watches that can fit your style below.

The Coachella Theme 

The Coachella theme is the wanderlust spirit of the urban universe. It’s about being carefree with an earthy musk on you. The Coachella fashion is very popular when it comes to concerts and wanderlust parties. 

The idea is to dress as freely as possible, and accessories are very important for this kind of occasion. The perfect watch to go with Coachella is Bell & Ross Instruments BR 03-92 Golden Heritage. The brown tone of this timepiece matches would spice up your outfit.

Built with an anti-reflective sapphire crystal protector, the watch you allows you to enjoy a concert without being blinded by some reflective lights from it. Look cute and feel good with this on the go Coachella-match watch.

The Bohemian Theme

A Bohemian-themed event is quite similar to a Coachella event. Bohemian-themed activities promote the essence of an unconventional lifestyle. Expect to witness another gathering episode of free souls, adventurers, artists, and literalists.

This kind of party is mostly packed with a pattern or floral design fashion. For this reason, a vintage-looking watch is the best pick. 

A Bell & Ross VintageVintage BR V1-92 Bellytanker will never go wrong with your bohemian outfit. It has a classy vintage look with a spirit of an artisan. You can also match it with a few brown and black Trollbeads. Look chic and classy in this watch!

The City Vibe Theme

A buzzing city has a fast pace. The hustle and bustle of life makes you feel like  everyone is on their way to a business meeting or is dressed up for their promotion. A suit and tie paired with slacks is a staple wardrobe material for city life.

For such a hectic lifestyle, you can opt for a classic luxury watch. The Bell & Ross VintageVintage BR V2-92 Grade-Cotes will never disappoint you or anyone leading a city life, may it be formal or casual.

The Streetwear Theme

Streetwear fashion took inspirations from hip hop. The tees, shoes, headbands, they are all casual fashion staples.

You  need confidence, and your accessories are your primary source of self-esteem. The best Urban Style watch for your streetwear swag is Bell & Ross VintageVintage BR V2-94 R.S.18.

This watch is colorful and classy. It has the right amount of luxury and attitude to match your streetwear, while not being too flashy to make you look awkward.

The Daily Casual Theme

The most common and most achievable look is the casual style. From hoodies to plain tees, a comfortable outwear is a must-have for every urban fashionista. 

This type of style is so basic that choosing everyday accessories could give you a hard time. Sometimes it is not enough, and sometimes it is too much. 

In this case, you should consider wearing a watch. A watch can go with any clothing. You just need the right watch.

One of the jewels of Bell and Ross Watches is the Bell & Ross VintageInstruments BR S Steel Heritage. This watch prides a classic sleek design that can be paired up with any of the styles mentioned above.


Fashion is an ever evolving language that we have to learn regularly. Our preferences may differ, but in  fashion we are unified.

The influence of fashion on our daily life is beyond  words. The use of color, the way you dress, and the choice of accessories can all boost or negate your confidence and make you different. 

Now, choose the right watch to go with your urban style! We believe there is one watch from Bell & Ross that is just for you.

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