An Insight Into How Rappers Kill Their Free Time!

Rappers Kill Free Time
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It’s a well-known fact that popular rappers lead super luxurious lives, and are constantly looked up to and followed by an entire generation. Whether we talk about their love for bling, swanky cars, women or endless nights at Vegas’ tables, there are plenty of things that rappers are widely associated with. Whenever you think about them, there is a certain stereotypical lifestyle that comes to the mind, and it will not be wrong to state that these talented musicians have their own fair share of routine habits that they indulge in on a regular basis. So, how do you think rappers kill their free time, when they are not making music and writing those hard-hitting lyrics?! Let’s find out!


If you’re loaded with so much money, there’s one thing that you will never worry about is where to spend it! That’s why, many well-known rappers develop a gambling habit and indulge in it regularly. Whether it is playing some of the best online slot games, or making a wager on the latest sports event, you will often find rappers hedging their bets on the teams/players they love or developing their skills at all kinds of off-line/online casino games.

With online gambling well on its way to become a $ 94.4 billion industry by the year 2024, there is no dearth of gambling options available on the Internet today. And considering the fact, it’s just another way to make more money, doing much lesser work, who would mind it after all?!


It’s not uncommon for rappers to notoriously drop a mention or two about some drug in their songs, as if it’s routine on normal for them. For instance, Snoop Dogg never kept it a secret that he has smoked weed. He has supported legalising marijuana causes because of the lack of serious side effects and medical benefits offered by it. He is also actively backing a medical marijuana company to seek funding from Big Pharma these days. This is only the tip of the iceberg as there are many more rappers who refer to more serious substances in their songs.


The talk of sex cannot be far behind whenever the topic under consideration is rap. Whether it’s male rappers bragging about the number of ‘hoes’ they’ve pulled till date or the ‘bitches they’ve tamed, or the female rappers talking about muscular fellas in bed and the size of their men, sex is always on the cards. In fact, many have spoken about misogyny overtaking the present-day rap and hip-hop culture today.

Kill free time for rappers

Swanky cars

Pick up any popular rap video and 99 out of 100 times you will see the rapper racing around in some flashy car, or some beautiful woman showing her moves atop his favourite set of 4 wheels. Compared to the several luxuries associated with rappers, they give far more attention and care to their cars. Not only do the rappers go after the most stylish, fastest and best cars in business, they don’t mind showering them with the same kind of personal care as they do in case of their kids and pets!

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