[FIRST LOOK] MarQues McConico’s Debut Film, ‘Juug Gone Wrong’ Stars Jamal Woolard & Vanessa Simmons

Juug Gone Wrong is a great comedy film, which finds two cousins taking different approaches in the pharmaceutical field.  As you can imagine, one does the right thing, legally, and the other one takes on some legal risks. The movie is directed by Marques McConico, making his directorial debut.  Still it won’t be a surprise is McConico becomes a fan favorite for his unbelievable plot twists in the film. The first time director also had unbelievable success recruiting a great cast for his debut.

The Juug Gone Wrong cast includes Karlie Redd, Jessica R. Ryan, Carlos Walker, Vanessa Simmons, Clinton Powell and Jamal Woolard. The film was shot in Birmingham Alabama.

Urban dictionary describes a jugg as an act of profiting off illegal or legal activities. Involves scheming, lying or tricking other party for a larger financial gain. So that should give you a bit more insight into this film.

Juug Gone Wrong Trailer

The film is now available on Amazon, Google Play, and iTunes and you can see for yourself if Juug Gone Wrong lives up to the hype or disappoints.

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