[FIRST LOOK] Lamar Odom Shares His Struggles on TV One’s ‘UNCENSORED’

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This Sunday, TV One’s original auto-biographical series UNCENSORED will feature former NBA Champion Lamar Odom. The docu-series dives deep into the private lives of many of today’s most recognized personalities. The Lamar Odom UNCENSORED episode dives into his past relationships, drug addiction and much more.

Lamar Odom has been featured in headlines quite a bit throughout the years and most of it stems from his bad decision making. While dating A list actress Taraji P. Henson, he fell for television star, socialite and entrepreneur Khloe Kardashian. The pair were married from 2009-2016. While the Lamar Odom UNCENSORED episode forces Odom to tackle deep rooted issues and to open old wounds, it in a sense allows the Queens born and raised Odom to put the final chapter on many aspects of his past that could have destroyed him.

On leaving Taraji for Khloe…

On Khloe being by his side when he woke up from his coma…

On his first time doing cocaine…

In recent years, Lamar Odom has worked hard to get back to a good and healthy place in life. What he grew up around and was exposed to in Queens certainly played a part in his struggles. Raised by a single mother Cathy Mercer, it was truly a battle for her to steer him away from what she herself grew up around. In fact, Mercer’s life was shrouded in conflict and addiction. This sparked her fleeing her family home with Odom in her arms and only the clothes on their back, to find refuge with her mother.

Sadly though, Lamar Odom’s mother passed away during his childhood from a bout with colon cancer impacting his life for many years. It was her death that lead him to basketball. Lamar Odom was not just a good player, he was an excellent player. Soon after, recruiters began to notice his talent. He could have played at any school of his choosing but because of academics, he ended up at Rhode Island.

Once at Rhode Island he established himself as one of the top prospects in the country, which eventually lead to him realizing his dream of becoming an NBA player. Not only that, he was able to win multiple championships. Facing near fatal events multiple times to coincide with high-profile, tumultuous relationships helped to propel Odom’s fame, yet his partying ways tarnished his career and nearly destroyed him.

Be sure to tune in this Sunday to TV One at 9 p.m. ET/8 p.m. central for the Lamar Odom UNCENSORED episode.

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