How To Be The Perfect Bridesmaid

Perfect Bridesmaid

Finding out that you’re going to be someone’s bridesmaid is very exciting. It means that the bride considers you to be part of her inner circle of trusted people and wants you to also be part of one of the happiest days of her life. Accompanying the excitement of being a bridesmaid is the anxiety, which you get trying to be the best a bride could ask for. This can cause a lot of tension between you and the other bridesmaids and sometimes even the bride herself. Here are some ways to ensure that you are the perfect bridesmaid without stepping on others’ toes in the process.

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1-      Help as much as You Can

Brides have to deal with a ton of stress and tension while trying to get their special day to be as amazing as they want it to be. To be the best bridesmaid out there, try to lend a helping hand as much as possible. A bride might like to have your input on different factors such as the color or the look of MOB dresses, which just shows how much she trusts your taste and that you know what would fit her vision best. Finding ways to reduce the number of tasks the bride has to get done is a surefire way to maintain your status as the perfect bridesmaid. Ask the bride if she would like your help with the various preparations, she’s going to be thankful that she has someone there to alleviate some of the stress off of her shoulders.

2-      Plan The Perfect Bridal Shower

You can also offer a lending hand to the maid of honor when planning a bridal shower. You also have to keep in mind that the budget may get a tiny bit off track; set a budget that is a bit higher than you think you will need. This will enable you to prepare without having to worry about not having enough money for decorations, games, activities and food. Make sure that the other bridesmaids can keep to the budget so that the party goes smoothly and everyone has lots of fun.

3-      Be Supportive

As a bridesmaid, you need to be supportive of the bride’s decisions as well as any requests made as long as they are reasonable, of course. Try to keep in mind the amount of tension the bride is already facing and how she just wants her day to be amazing. Make sure that the bride knows you are there for her and that you will listen if she wants to talk about all the stress she’s facing. You will be an even better bridesmaid for having patience and helping with the wedding preparations.


Following these simple yet very effective guidelines to becoming the perfect bridesmaid will ensure that the bride’s day goes as smoothly as possible, making the bride feel special and appreciated, as she should. These guidelines will also help you have an easier time dealing with the stress of being part of the wedding because you will have all of your focus on making the bride have the best time on her special day.

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