DaBaby Confirms That It Wasn’t Him in the Nude Footage


Well, it looks like we’ve been BABYfished. Yesterday evening, rapper DaBaby set the internet on fire when supposed nude footage of himself began to make rounds throughout social media. However, that fire was short-lived, as it was later revealed that the man in the erotic clip wasn’t even him!

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According to the private investigators of cyberspace, the praised manhood captured in the quick video actually belonged to a male pornstar by the name of Jack the RippHer.

Apparently, Jack initially uploaded the now-viral video to his OnlyFans account, where he also has a variety of others. There are speculations that someone else snagged it from the adult networking site and placed DaBaby’s voice over it. But, although it sure sounded like the Kirk phenomenon, we can’t help but wonder if it was even DaBaby at all. It could’ve very well been an impersonator.

DaBaby has since confirmed that it wasn’t his goodies on display for the whole world to see and, in the process, ruined every woman’s fantasy.

Mr. RippHer didn’t waste any time assuring us that it was, instead, him. Following the controversy, he’s been heavily promoting himself on Twitter and engaging with the number of ladies in his mentions. He even posted the original video! We won’t reshare that one, but at least, now, you know.

Hey, we don’t blame you, King! Get that coin.

Surely, this wasn’t something DaBaby wanted to have to address on his birthday, but we’re glad that he cleared it up.

Happy Birthday, DaBaby!

Let us know your thoughts on this debacle in the comments.

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