8 Tips to Protect Your Home From Intruders

Protect Your Home From Intruders

Our home is somewhere that we should be able to feel safe and secure from the outside world. It’s a place for families and friends and privacy, the last place we want to feel at risk from intruders and burglars. Most of us are aware that we should take steps to secure our home, but if we are honest, we usually assume that the worst will never happen to us. However, as with most home maintenance and care, prevention is far better than cure. From the traditional home security hardware to more modern smart technology, here are 8 tips to consider when trying to protect your home from intruders.

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  1. Install security hardware on all entry points

Doors, windows, and gates should be secured with the best security hardware you can afford. There are several types of lock to consider each with its own pros and cons, e.g., mortise lock, night latch, smart (keyless) door locks. Whatever you choose, be sure to check that it has been tested and approved by a third-party organization.

  1. Secure your perimeter

Check your fences and gates to ensure there are no gaps or weak points. Any outbuildings such as garages and sheds should be secured to protect the contents but also to minimize the chance that an intruder might use tools in them to break into your home. Motion sensors in your garden can also be set to turn on should someone enter your garden after dark and window sensors will inform you when windows are open in your home.

  1. Keep valuable items out of sight

While it wouldn’t be the case in a perfect world, having valuable items on display in your home could entice burglars. Some burglars will take a chance on a home, not knowing what is inside, but if they can see that you have expensive technology or jewelry, you are making their job a lot easier. Consider buying a safe which you can place particularly valuable items in.

  1. Install smart lighting

The dark nights of winter can increase the risk of burglaries. Intruders are less likely to be spotted by neighbors, and an unlit (presumed empty) home will be easier for them to identify. To deter intruders, consider installing smart lighting which you can control from anywhere via an app. You can set an automated schedule to mimic your usual routine so it appears that you are home when you are not.

  1. Install a security camera

Installing a security camera has a dual function in terms of security. Obviously, it will record who is on your property, which will be useful should your home be targeted by burglars, but it will also act as a deterrent. Just the sight of a burglar alarm can be enough to deter intruders from entering the property. The camera should be installed so that it can see as much of the property as possible and be high enough that it cannot be damaged or tampered with.

  1. Invest in home network security

Not all intruders will try the doors or windows. The internet of things and an increasing number of smart devices in our home has opened up a whole new way of life, but it’s also brought new risks into our lives. There are plenty of cybercriminals out there who are trying to take advantage of security weaknesses in home technology which enables them to exploit personal information and intrude on our privacy.

While the thought of this can be unsettling, there is no need to quit the internet or get rid of your devices. An effective home network security system will protect your home against cyber-attacks by securing every internet-connected device in your home from game consoles and smart TVs to mobile devices and appliances. This system will prevent hackers from being able to access your personal and financial information and protect your privacy.

  1. Consider a video doorbell

Video doorbells (also known as smart doorbells) are becoming increasingly popular. They enable you to view, record and speak to whoever rings your doorbell via your wireless smartphone – even when you’re not at home.  This is not only convenient for when deliveries arrive but it also enables you to check who is at the door before you open it.  Some even feature facial recognition functionality, which will alert you when a recognized or unrecognized face arrives.

  1. Don’t shout about your absences

Many people are in the habit of sharing updates about their life on social media, particularly when they are doing something unusual such as taking a holiday. Unfortunately, announcing that you are away from home on social media, even if you believe your profile is private, could put your home at risk. In fact, some home insurance companies have started to refuse burglary claims if they believe people have been posting about being away irresponsibly. If you are going away, remember to ask a neighbor or friend to take in packages or milk and to open/close your curtains to make it appear someone is at home.


If you’re starting from scratch, trying to protect your home from intruders can feel a little overwhelming, but these tips should help to get you started. Don’t panic – you don’t need to do everything at the same time. The key is to identify which aspects of your home are either the most insecure or you are most concerned about. It is better to invest in top quality items gradually than to buy basic versions for everything. Remember to stay vigilant, be aware of potential risks and be proactive.

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