Things You Should Think About When Moving Homes

Moving homes is bound to be a thrilling experience. If you’ve decided it’s time for a move, you probably can’t wait to move into a new home. There are a lot of things to think about before everything is settled in, so before you make any definite plans, make sure you have thought through everything. If the move still seems like a good idea after this article, your moving process will likely be a whole lot smoother.

  • Turbo Spring Clean

If you want to move homes, it’s a good idea for a turbo spring clean. Even the smallest of apartments can be home to a load of things you don’t really need, and a good spring clean can provide additional benefits if you hold a yard sale or sell whatever you don’t need on eBay for an extra cash boost.

  • Plan your Pack

Before you pack you should go from room to room with a checklist noting how you’re going to pack all your belongings, alongside all the packing material that you will need. If you’re downsizing but it’s only a temporary move, you should plan how you’re going to deal with excess furniture. Looking for storage near you is a good first step if your friends and family won’t be able to take anything in.

  • Make an Inventory

Make an inventory after you’ve planned your pack. This is important as sometimes removal companies can forget about valuable or useful objects that you don’t use every day. When you finally need to use them you might get upset, and the removal company will probably not be able to help. To avoid that make an inventory to check everything important arrives in one piece.

  • Arrange Utilities ASAP

If you’re good with paperwork, you’ll be able to cope with this very important step – utilities are easy to want to deal with at a later date, but it’s best if you deal with them early to save you a lot of stress once you’ve moved in and give you more time to relax and enjoy your new home. Sort out any tax changes, electricity, gas or home insurance changes early.

  • Keeping everything open

You should get in the habit of leaving as many cupboard doors and storage spaces open as possible (without hindering your everyday life). This is to allow you to think about everything you need to take with you, and have a clearer idea of where items are when you are making your packing plan.

  • What can you survive on?

Try to work out what bare essentials you need to survive on and pack them into a box that you keep with you at all times during the move. All your toiletries and medicines will be obvious, but if you haven’t sorted out heating or electricity yet you should also think about blankets, emergency phone chargers and, of course, a few changes of clothes. Imagine you will have to live out of that box for the first few days as you unpack everything when you move into a new home.

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