Reignite the Spark Back Into Your Marriage: 3 Romantic Evening Ideas

Most marriages start out the same: sizzling. The passion is hot and heavy, you can’t stand being away from each other, and it seems like nothing can change how you feel about each other. Sometimes, as the years go by, that fiery passion is cooled by the gentle flow of time. So, what can you do to reignite the spark? Sometimes it just takes a romantic evening.

The passion of any marriage can fade as the years go by. And this can lead to a lack of tolerance that, if not kept in check, could lead to bigger problems. With a few intentional gestures, you can put the spark back into your marriage and reignite the flames that once burned bright.

One way is to remind yourself what you love about each other by having a romantic evening together. Here are three romantic evening ideas for how to spend a romantic evening together.

A Candlelit Dinner

This is the most obvious option that some may call cliché. But where others see cliché, we see a classic. Besides—in marriage, the seemingly boring things like consistency, sacrifice, and devotion make all the difference.

Planning a romantic dinner isn’t hard and doesn’t have to be expensive. Book the date in advance with some excitement by asking your partner out on a hot date is a great way to invite them to dinner. This automatically means that you’ll have to clear your schedule.

Then, the fun part: food. This is where the cooking comes in. If you are completely clueless in the kitchen, take a class or order from a good restaurant. Also, red wine is a must. You can also get other alcohol options like vodka, whiskey, bourbon, or whatever your partner likes from your local liquor store.

To make it extra memorable, set the mood. You don’t have to do this until the day of the date, but you can plan the scenery beforehand. You’ll want soft music and low lighting, and you can even tell your partner to dress up.

A candlelit dinner is meant to be a time to enjoy the moment, so no talk of domestic or work issues. Be sure to make plenty of eye contact during dinner and remember to give each other lots of love.

A Meaningful Vow Renewal

What better way to put the spark back into your marriage than reminding each other why you got married in the first place? A vow renewal ceremony doesn’t have to be a big celebration with guests and tons of food (although it could be if you want). It could be just you and your partner, under the ethereal glow of the evening sky, renewing your commitment to love each other.

To up the fun and the significance of the occasion, consider getting new engagement rings. If some time has passed since your original wedding, your tastes may have changed and you have hopefully acquired some more money. You can consider purchasing one another the rings you always hoped for with quality rings from Agape Diamonds.

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Just like the first time around, set the mood with a meaningful trip somewhere nice. It could be a scenic waterfront view or a romantic chateau, but, whatever the location, ensure it is private. There are several romantic waterfronts in New York that are both scenic and romantic.

Enjoying a Starlit Evening

Sometimes, all you need to do to have a romantic evening is to get a ladder, climb to the roof, and enjoy the sparkle of a starlit sky. A starlight evening can be a great experience that can foster emotional clarity about the love you feel for your partner. It can also be a good place to give your partner that new engagement ring to signify renewed love.

Image by Dimitris Vetsikas from Pixabay

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