The Importance of Sleep and Why You Need More of it

Importance of Sleep

You might have heard that successful people hardly sleep, or you may have been misled to think that sleeping late and waking up early is something cool. Unfortunately, these stories are not based on science. The human body requires enough sleep and rest for it to perform optimally. That is why your body will resist the sound of an alarm vehemently. The importance of sleep almost goes without saying. Research shows that you need about 8 hours of sleep. Yeah! You should spend a third of your life in bed. 

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Do not just look for an opportunity to sleep. Scientists believe that quality sleep is the only way you can guarantee results. If you have poor sleep etiquette, you will also be prone to many other problems. Generally, you need a good bed and beddings. Today, there are many alternative materials for beddings and beds. You can now find cushy and wooly sleeping materials or even eucalyptus or bamboo fabric beddings. You also need to have a sleeping pattern. Make an effort to sleep roughly at the same time of the day. If you choose to sleep at 9 pm, maintain a one or two-hour range throughout. 

The benefits of having enough sleep are many. Here are the reasons why you should consider getting enough sleep.

To Increase Concentration and Productivity

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Your brain is wired to work optimally for several hours. As you exceed the normal timeline, you will notice that your brain and body will feel fatigued. Your body will not tell you that the mind wants to rest. Instead, you will feel sleepy. People who sleep every time they feel sleepy are quite productive. An evening siesta has been proven to improve the productivity of employees for the evening shift. As noted, you will feel naturally more productive, sharp, and alert in the morning. This is because your brain has had enough rest and is ready to go again. Do not torture yourself by trying to sleep fewer hours. Instead, think of it as a choice between 8 quality hours of productivity or 10 hours of moderate productivity.

You may have noticed that you will feel more energetic after a good night’s sleep. This is the natural thank you the body will give you are treating it to enough rest. The other benefits will include high-performance intensity, critical and problem-solving, and clarity of thought. If you are a sportsperson, you will notice higher speed and reflexes, too.

To Reduce the Risk of Lifestyle Medical Conditions

Conditions such as weight gain and cardiovascular complications are common in people who don’t practice good sleep hygiene. People who sleep less are known to eat more and consequently have poor glucose metabolism. They are also less physically active leading to many lifestyle-related conditions. You can avoid that by ensuring that you have a uniform sleeping pattern. If you have trouble sleeping, it is always good to seek professional medical help. You can also try alternative therapies. Eating at least one hour before going to sleep can also improve your sleep quality. 

To Ward off Stress and Depressive Disorders

Our bodies are wired to respond to stimuli. If your body has deficits, you will always notice that it will have trouble adapting or responding to stimuli naturally. Poor sleep will make you irritable and stressed. Lack of rest inhibits the body’s coping mechanism. People who have poor sleep habits are prone to stress. If stress is persistent, it can lead to depressive disorders. It is recommended that you seek medical attention for any persistent stress. Depressive disorders are fatal. 

To Strengthen Your Immunity

During sleep, it is not just your brain that needs rest; your body too needs enough time to rejuvenate. Cell growth and repair occurs when you are sleeping. That is why sick people are told to observe bed rest so that their bodies can heal. Studies have shown that a good night’s sleep can ward off common ailments such as cold, flu, and infection-based conditions. 


Scientists advise you to sleep for at least 8 hours. Don’t feel guilty if you sleep for 7 or 9 hours. You are still within the acceptable range. Further, ensure that you have a night of quality sleep. There is no need to spend three hours of the eight-building castles in the air. Invest in a proper bed and proper sleeping surroundings. You will not have enough sleep if you are always afraid of night howlers such as roaches and bedbugs. Also, ensure that your beddings are clean.

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