5 Creative Skills to Learn & Practice in Your Apartment

Creative Skills to Learn

It’s a great time to get creative. If you’re stuck inside and looking for something to do, here are some creative skills to learn and practice in your apartment.

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There are plenty of unproductive ways to occupy yourself. Binging Netflix, playing video games, and scrolling mindlessly on social media are just a few. 

But what about those of us who have some spare time on our hands and want to be productive with it?

In today’s world, the more you know, the more of an edge you have in your career and daily life. Enhancing your hard skills with creative talents is a great way to practice self-care and build your list of skills.

When you’re sitting around your apartment wondering what to do next, it’s a perfect time to get creative. Order a how-to book or pull up a YouTube tutorial and teach yourself a skill!


Here are five creative skills to learn and things you can do inside your apartment:

1. Pick Up an Instrument

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to play the guitar or another instrument, now’s the time to do it.

Not everyone has the urge to play music, but those who do see many benefits.

Studies show that the act of playing an instrument can actually make you smarter. It stimulates the brain and improves your memory and logical reasoning, which can bump up your math and science skills.

Learning to play music is also a great stress reliever. When you’re focused on picking the right measurements and keys, your connection to the outside world fades away.

With so many courses available online, you can learn whatever instrument you want. Plus, practicing at home lets you make mistakes without embarrassment!


2. Teach Yourself the Art of the Digital Age

Remember when children wanted to be police officers and teachers? Today’s generation of youngsters has added “influencer” to their list of possible career choices, and it’s a legitimate job.

With digital technology, you can make an impact in whichever niche you’d like. But to be successful, you have to know how to use social media platforms.

What better time to learn the art of influencing than when you’re bored at home?


Digital Platforms Where You Can Become an Influencer

There are so many social media platforms online. Here are a few where you can make a name for yourself:



Yes, you’ll need to build your own YouTube channel eventually. But don’t try to go it alone. There are many helpful and fun resources out there for you to use to ensure your success. 

Sign up for an online class, take courses from experts in your niche, and learn how to build a following. A bit of education will teach you how to do YouTube the right way.


Facebook and Instagram

As of 2020, Facebook has over 2.6 billion active users. And Instagram isn’t too far behind. It’s safe to say that you can build a pretty decent following if you know how to use these platforms.

Take some online classes to learn how to make the most of these social media outlets. Then, use what you learned to start becoming an influencer. Whether you want to build a brand or help others develop theirs, now is the time to learn how.

When you’re ready to move beyond these platforms, many other avenues await your attention. Keep on learning the art of the digital era. It’s not going away!


3. Learn a Traditional Artistic Medium

Bob Ross started the decades-old tradition of teaching painting to an audience of television viewers. But there is so much more artwork that you can do from home.

The great thing about art is that it’s subjective. You can’t go wrong, but it all requires a basic foundation of skills.

You can work in any medium you choose. Use paint, chalk, pencils, markers, or whatever else you prefer to create with. Your imagination is the limit.


Here are a few styles and techniques you might try:

  • Sculpture, or 3D art, which includes carving, molding, and casting
  • Abstract art of any medium, where you arrange patterns, colors, and shapes until you’re satisfied
  • Pop art, a bold, expressionist mix of mediums where you can blend your favorite celebrities into one big image
  • Fantasy art, where you to delve into your imagination and design anything you want

Stay in your pajamas if you must, but be sure to get your creative juices flowing!


4. Take Some Culinary Classes

You don’t have to leave your home to learn how to cook. Delivery options make it to where you don’t even need to go to the store for the ingredients.

Head to your kitchen, put on your apron, and pull up a DIY cooking class on your smartphone or TV. Classes are easy to find and focus on a variety of food styles, like desserts, comfort food, vegetarian, and vegan. Whatever you want to learn, there’s probably a class for it.

Decide what type of food you want to cook, and make sure you have the equipment required. Order the ingredients and get to cooking!


5. Learn a New Language

Being bilingual or multilingual is an asset that can get you far. The language you choose to learn is up to you. 

Is there a high population of non-English speakers in your neighborhood? If so, it might benefit you to learn their language.

Is there a language you’ve always wanted to learn, or maybe one that would bump your resume up a notch? Take this time to learn it.

No matter the reason, learning a language is always a great idea. And now, with so many online programs available, it’s easier than ever.

These free and low-cost programs will teach you conversational skills in almost any language, at your own pace. Check out one or all of these sites to find lessons:

Each of these sites uses a different technique to teach you a new language. Play around with them until you find the one that fits your learning style, budget, and time constraints.



You can never have too much knowledge or too many skills. If you’re trying to get ahead in your career, any of these assets could be what moves you to the next level.

Hard and soft skills are both valuable characteristics. With the extra time you have on your hand, why not develop one of these skills and practice ‘til you’re almost perfect?


Author Bio:

Jenny Bullock - Author Creative Skills To Learn








Jenny Bullock graduated from Stephen F. Austin State University and currently works with Broadstone Briar Forest to make life better for their residents every day.

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