5 Tips for Traveling for Business During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Even though it feels like the world may have stopped, this doesn’t mean that your business has to! Whether you have an LLC in Texas, or anywhere in the country, if you’re booked and busy, here are a few tips for you to travel for business safely during the Covid-19 pandemic:

  1. Pack extra clothes.

It never hurts to have options when it comes to dressing up. Also, having extra clothes available is handy in case there’s an unfortunate event (such as a nasty spill or unexpected stain).

If you’re looking for new clothes for your business trip, the perfect place to shop is White House Black Market. White House Black Market is a clothing store that offers all types of women’s clothing, including skirts, pants, dresses, blouses, and tops. A black skirt is always a business essential for every professional woman’s wardrobe, so be sure to check out what skirts White House Black Market has to offer! Just because the pandemic is ongoing doesn’t mean you still shouldn’t look your best while working.

  1. Pick up a travel face mask.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many places require masks (especially larger cities such as New York City and Los Angeles). The general population has grown accustomed to wearing a face covering while in a public setting. While surgical masks have always been reliable, more people are looking to wear face masks that are a bit easier to breathe in (and a bit more stylish).

It’s a great idea to pick up a face mask specifically for your traveling needs. The NxTSTOP has the perfect travel face mask for you to wear. Their face masks are breathable, washable, adjustable, and reusable. Wearing one of their masks is a great way to stay safe while traveling for business. They’re also made of bamboo, which is a sustainable and comfortable fabric. You can wear your reusable mask knowing that you’re safe and doing your part to reduce waste.

  1. Continue to practice social distancing.

As much as we all would like for the Covid-19 pandemic to end, it’s difficult to tell when we’ll get to finally kick this novel virus that has completely shifted our lives. The foreseeable future is a little cloudy, but there is a chance that it can change. It’s important that every person is doing their part by honoring social distancing, wearing a face-covering while in the general public, and following the guidelines set by medical professionals. We know it feels like it’s been a long time that we’ve had to deal with this; let’s not prolong getting on the right track.

To practice social distancing while traveling for business, just remember to sit in every other seat (if available) on planes, maintain six feet from the next person while you’re in line, and don’t congregate in close groups.  You can also alleviate this need for social distancing with strangers by flying private with a charter like Jettly.

  1. Carry travel-sized hand sanitizer.

Those tiny droplets can make a huge impact.

There may be moments when you’re not able to wash your hands while you’re out. In those cases, pulling out a small bottle of hand sanitizer can serve as a good alternative. They’ll definitely get the job done until you’re able to actually wash your hands.

In addition to the mini hand sanitizers, carry wet wipes with you as well. Those will be useful when it’s time to open doors, hold on to railings, or to wipe down any chairs or seats.

  1. Arrive early for everything.

With new precautions added to help combat this new coronavirus, many people have noticed that it takes businesses and companies a bit longer to get simple tasks done. Whether they’re taking the time to do some extra cleaning or they’re explaining their new policies to customers, it’s likely that you’ll have to spend some time waiting for whatever service you’re waiting for. If you’re on a tight schedule on your business trip, try to be mindful of that extra precaution and arrive early to everything. This includes any events, flights, check-ins, etc. You can’t be in control of much these days, but you can allow yourself more time if anything were to fall behind.

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