Equal Parts Southern Comfort and Thug Passion, Damar Jackson Is Smooth As It Gets

Damar Jackson
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If smooth, gritty, R&B were a sub-genre, Damar Jackson would easily be one of the first artists under the heading.  Judging by just appearance, he looks like he’s about to wrap circles around the competition, but when he starts belting a tune the singer commands attention and quiets out background noise because he needs to be heard.  The DeRidder, Louisiana native is equal parts Southern comfort and melodic thug passion. He packs a rawness of a young Jaheim with a newness of a Ty Dolla $ign but his vocal ability and his songwriting style set him apart in his own lane.

Damar Jackson feature
In all honestly, I first discovered Damar Jackson when I found out that he would be the opening act for Sammie’s Everlasting Tour in early 2019. As I thought about attending to support Sammie, I figured I should check out Damar.  It was then that I discovered his Unfaithful project. If I’m being honest, the cover art was familiar to me. Damar Jackson had been popping up on my streaming service under artists I should listen to or artist similar to other artists I was listening to, for months.  But judging the cover art by solely by its cover, I decided not to play it since it looked like something from a rapper I probably wouldn’t like.

Clearly, I was wrong.

Led by the singles, “Crazy,” “No Protection,” and “Changed” Unfaithful and the Deluxe version had instant run that back qualities! “FN Everything” is another certified hit from the project and by the time I got through the project I was trying to find anything else Damar Jackson was involved with so I could give it a listen.


I found his 2016 EP, Ninety3Until, which gives a fresh takes on some R&B classics, and also includes the track “Crazy” for the first time.

Just a few weeks after I discovered him, Damar dropped his debut album, U2.

That was a game changer.  There’s songs on that project that get stuck in my head for days at a time, easily.  With no skips, the album is close to perfection for a debut album, and that’s saying a lot.

Standout Tracks:  “Stretch,” “Vegas,” “Off,” “One  More Time,” & “Yes You Do”

Most recently Damar Jackson put out the single, “Colombian Dope,” a good sign of things to come from the singer.  He has several other songs out currently which he appears on as well.  Definitely keeping my eyes and ears out for what’s next from the singer… as should you.

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