Reasons Why You Need to Play Basketball More

If you are someone who has played basketball for years with consistency, then you know what a rewarding feeling that you can get from lacing up your shoes and getting on the court. If you are someone who is new to the sport or has taken a few years off, then we think the time has come to get out there and have some fun. This article will provide you with a few reasons why you should get outside and play basketball more. Don’t take our word for it. See for yourself how much fun playing basketball is.


One excellent reason to get outside and play some more basketball is that it is an excellent cardio exercise. Cardio type exercises focus on sustained activity to get your heart rate high. This is great for your overall fitness and endurance. Cardio can also help you to burn unwanted body fat and help you look better overall. In addition to the sustained heart rate from running around and jumping, you can also expect to get a decent arm workout in, from all the ball handling. Depending on your position and play style you might do lots of jumping, which can also help you to build muscles in your legs and lower back. 

Team Building

Basketball is at its core a team sport. For this reason, many schools and companies often plan outings to play different sports and activities to bring everyone closer together and create a sense of community. Basketball is a sport that requires a team to take a coordinated response to their opponents and communicate effectively with one another to form one cohesive unit that functions in harmony to achieve a shared goal. This type of skill set is applicable in many walks of life and can help you to become a more well rounded individual overall. 

To Have Some Inspiration

We do recognize that sometimes it can be hard to generate the motivation on your own. However, by witnessing inspiring players, interviews, movies, or even hearing songs, according to the experts at, will help you overcome hurdles and persevere. Pursuing excellence in any sport is incredibly inspiring to witness when we see it in someone else. It will help to get your mind prepped to play some basketball and help to get you mentally and spiritually in the game. 

It Helps You Improve

If you like to play basketball and take pride in your skills, then a great reason to play more is so that you actually improve and see yourself reach your goals and aspirations with the sport. If you want to get better at anything in life, then you have to actually do it more to get your body used to prolong exposure and to build good habits. This could mean that you spend an hour a day shooting baskets in your driveway, or you could even spend some time watching replays of the greatest basketball players ever. You do not need to kill yourself on the court and in the gym every day to see improvement. Simple things are done every day consistently and will build up over time, resulting in tangible improvements in your basketball skill level. 

Scholarship Offers

If you are a good basketball player and getting close to finishing high school, then working towards a scholarship is a great reason to play more basketball. In many countries, education is becoming increasingly expensive and unattainable for many people. If you can secure a scholarship, then in most cases you can get a substantial amount of your schooling costs paid for. This will allow you to focus on your basketball skills and education, instead of worrying about working part-time to pay your bills. 

It is Surely Fun!

The number one reason you should play more basketball is because it is actually a very enjoyable game. Basketball can be played indoors, outdoors, or even in a pool! There are many different games such as HORSE or others that you can play with friends to enjoy the game in several ways.

Play Basketball More - team

Hopefully, this article has been helpful and informative regarding the different ways in which you can improve your quality of life by incorporating more basketball into your plans. The more you get outside, stay active, play basketball more, and eat well the better you will feel on a day to day basis. Staying active is part of leading a healthy life, so why not have a great time while you do it? The choice is obvious.

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