[WATCH] NY Native Emcee, SoSoon Premieres “F*ck The Pandemic” For #CovidBars

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Parlé Magazine recently launched our YouTube based weekly web series titled, #CovidBars.  The series is an opportunity to reflect on the various elements of life since Covid-19 brought us into quarantine back in March, while examining what happens next, while we make it through these phases of post-quarantine life.  One of the weekly segments for the series is the#CovidBars emcee feature.  On the second episode we feature Queens native emcee, SoSoon.

5 Facts About SoSoon To Help You Get Familiar with the Emcee

1.  His first CD ever purchased/owned was the Lost Boyz classic, Music Makes Me High

2.  He has released 5 solo albums; 8 including collaborations and groups. Most can be found HERE.

3.  He believes he is 10 years older than most people actually give him credit for.  #BlackDontCrack
4.  He’s been on television 3 times for far in his life, but has plans to be on the small and big screen many more times in his career.

5.  He has a word search tattoo on his arm. It’s published in a tattoo book.

Check out SoSoon’s #CovidBars exclusive premiere of his song, “Fuck The Pandemic” below:


Watch the entire #CovidBars episode, including the full SoSoon interview HERE.

SoSoon’s sophomore solo album SOONY (Sound Of Old New York) is out!
     -Purchase: iTunes Google Play Amazon Music
     -Music + complete visual art Experience: Bandcamp
     -Stream: Spotify Youtube
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