6 Ways to Make a Wig Look Natural and Life-Like

Make a Wig Look Natural

Covering a head that has lesser to no hair shouldn’t with a wig come off as fake or unreal. Every person wearing a wig shouldn’t be seen as weird. To be honest, it can be a bit disturbing to hear people talk about your wig when you’re in public, so having it look real should be the goal. Once you accomplish getting a natural look with a wig, you’re set for life with the styling choices they offer. Here are some for the most foolproof wig-wearing tricks that boost naturalness like nothing else:

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Trim and Shape

For us, girls, nothing ever is perfect enough. When styling for an event, we can spend hours in the bathrooms or closets trying to get the flawless look. So when it comes to wigs, being satisfied with the style and shape of the commercially produced hair threads can be hard for any woman. Experts advise that trimming the wig with a light pair of scissors or razor can help it look more natural and provide more fluff to it. The hair cut will allow it to look natural like freshly cut and styled hair. 


Wear Your Style

Every person on this planet has a style and vibe of their own. And for creating a look, everyone has their own preferences and appropriateness factors. Just like that, when you buy and wear a wig, it must suit your style and the air around you. It must look like an embedded part of you. 

For this, you must determine the shape and style of a wig that goes with your look best. When wig shopping, determine your face shape and preferences on the kind of wig you desire. There are lace front wigs, U-part and V-part wigs for full or partial coverage of your natural hair and different wig densities you can choose from. Also find a wig that has styling potential however you like it, including braids, buns, messy or whatever you prefer. 


Measure for the Perfect Coordination

The primary task before buying a wig that looks completely real is getting the right measurement for your head, especially if purchasing lace front wigs or other kinds of fully covering hair. You may find many wigs come in stretchable bands to fit any head size. However, to be sure that your head will fit the wig nicely its best to buy for your personalized size. For taking measurements, grab a measuring tape used for clothes and start by taking head circumference size. Then take ear to ear, temple to temple and nape to nape measurements. Also, measure the space from hairline to nape. Get these dimensions written down or ask a professional hairstylist to do them for you for accuracy and buy the size every time. 


Choose the Right Coverage

Wigs are amazing human-made creations that help make the best illusion of actual hair like they were made for your head. But not every solution can work for all. So to get the right and full coverage of the head its best to go with particular kinds of wigs that offer real hair attributes. The best in this aspect are monofilament tops and lace front wigs. 

Most women go with lace fronts as they are ideal for illusory front hairline with the impression of natural hair coming out of the skin. Monofilaments are another story as they allow you to have the feel and look of real hair with the fluff and the flick and everything. These are hand-sewn, and every strand stands apart from another like explicitly silky and soft hair.


Match Coloring

Picture-perfect moments in life are scarce to find like discovering an impeccable colored wig as your hair. Sometimes you won’t find the exact matching to your hair or the wig won’t go with the blend of different colors in your hair. The two solutions for this problem is to either dye your hair or the wig to look alike. Apply rooted colors to the wig with combining two shades that are lighter at the bottom and dark from above or get a hairstylist to get the job done right. 


Keep Changing the Wig

Wigs are great as long as they’re providing the fresh look of washed and styled hair. But as soon as they get old and beyond their use, they lose shine and style. Settling for less when it comes to wig quality is like wearing a cheap dress. And no kind of styling can fix an old wig problem than changing it from time to time. When you buy a first or second wig, you can go for a few extra ones with varying styles and colors. All wigs come with a period under which they stay lively and feathery, so make sure to replace them as soon as they start to look old.

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