‘A Band Called Death’ Documentary Is A Hidden Gem on Streaming Services

A Band Called Death Documentary

A Band Called Death  is a 2012 documentary about a 1970s punk rock band, Death, formed by three brothers (Bobby Hackney, Dannis Hackney and David Hackney) from Detroit Michigan. It tells the story of how these three started out as the traditional R&B band coming out of Detroit during the  time period but after attending a rock concert, they decide to change their style. The band was a vision of David’s. Even though this is a documentary, I don’t want to give anything away other than saying that sadly, stereotypes played a heavily role in these guys’ careers. It is heart-warming to see that after all these years, they are finally getting noticed with recognition.

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If you’re all about Black history and learning something different than I suggest viewing this documentary, especially for all those people who’ve ever called a certain style of music “white” or figured that only white people play and/or listen to it.  Hopefully, it’ll influence you to check out other Afro-Punk bands.

With a 98 minutes running time, A Band Called Death is not too long to where you’ll get tired of watching it like some documentaries. It also features cameos from many well-known musicians and celebrities. To the person with an open mind, who’s interested in learning something new, if they didn’t already know about this band, I can guarantee you won’t be bored.

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