How Can I Find an Affordable Lawyer That I Can Actually Trust?

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When you hire a lawyer, you expect them to have your best interest in mind. You expect them to put in their best effort to win your case so that they may win as well. Unfortunately, not all lawyers have the same experience or connections. This is why it’s important for you to take your time when searching for an affordable lawyer that you can trust. Some things to take into consideration are as follows: the type of crime you’re charged with, the type of crime done to you, and the area where you live. 

Below, in our guide, we’ll break down a few things to look for when you need to find an affordable lawyer and one that is trustworthy as well. Continue reading below to learn more. 

Research a Specialist 

You know there are criminal defense lawyers and prosecutors, but did you know that there are lawyers who specialize in specific crimes? This is why it’s so important for you to know what exactly you need a lawyer for.

Then, find one who specializes in that specific thing. For example, if you’re facing sexual assault charges, this is when to hire a sex crime attorney. If you’re faced with an intoxication charge, you’ll want to hire a lawyer who specializes in such. 

Find Someone Local

Your next step is to find someone local. When you do online searches, the search should only pull up local attornies or lawyers, but check just to be safe. The reason why you want to find a local lawyer is that a local lawyer will know the court system in your area. 

Court system rules and laws can vary depending on the city or county. You want a lawyer who has experience working in the city or county where your court hearing will take place. In many cases, they’ll have connections and relationships with judges and other people in the courts. 

Once you do find someone local, ask them how long they’ve worked in your area. 

Ask for Referrals

Before hiring a lawyer, ask them for a few referrals. A reputable lawyer will have no problem giving you at least 3 good referrals. If they can’t provide you with these, then continue on your search. 

If they do provide you with referrals, then be sure to call each and every one of them. Take the time to ask them a few questions and let them explain to you what they’re personal experience was like working with that lawyer. 

Another good idea is to ask friends and family that you believe have worked with a lawyer in the past. Even if it’s not a lawyer who specializes in what you’re charged with, they might be a good person to give you a reference. 

Look up Reviews

Never hesitate to do a bit of your own research about specific lawyers online. Head online and look up reviews. This might be the best place to see real information about different lawyers. 

Some lawyers might have reviews on their websites, but these will most likely be basis reviews. Instead, do a general search for the reviews on webpages not associated with the lawyer. 

Ask About Their Experience

Once you narrow down your search, you’ll want to schedule a consultation with the lawyer you want to hire. During the consultation, be sure to ask them about their experience. How long have they been a lawyer?

Someone with many years of experience will know the ins and outs of the system. Next, ask them how long they’re specialized in your type of crime. How many cases have they won for other people with similar cases?

Then, remember to ask how long they’ve worked in your city or county. 

Pay Attention to How They Communicate

During the consultation, pay attention to how they communicate with you. The lawyer you hire should be a great communicator. This is essentially what you’re paying them for. Make sure your lawyer answers all of your questions, and if they don’t have an answer, then make sure they work hard to find it.

Ask them how they’ll stay in contact with you throughout the case as well. You want someone who’ll keep you updated along the way. One of the worst feelings is not knowing what’s going on and not being able to reach your lawyer. 

Speak With Them About the Costs

Make sure to speak with them about the costs as well. Ask for an estimate of their services. A good lawyer should be able to break down all of the fees and costs for you.

It might not be an exact number, but it can give you an idea of what to expect. Then, they should give you a breakdown of how their billing procedures work. There are some unexpected fees that come up when working with lawyers.

Be sure to have them tell you about all of these hidden fees beforehand to ensure you’re not surprised down the road. If you can do this with the few lawyers you narrowed your search down to, then you can choose the most affordable lawyer from there. 

Know Your Resources 

The last step is to know your resources. Depending on what your case is, there might be government assistance or help for you. Do some online research and see what type of help is available to you.

For example, if you were the victim of a crime and need a lawyer to prosecute your attacker, then you can seek help from a crisis center or crisis helpline in your area. They’ll be able to give you all the information and mental support you need.

They might also be able to help you find a decent lawyer. 

Find a Trustworthy and Affordable Lawyer Today

You can find a trustworthy and affordable lawyer today with the help of this guide. Keep the information listed here in mind when completing your search for the right lawyer for you. 

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