A Few Ways to Reduce the Chances of Birth Defects in Children

Reduce the Chances of Birth Defects

There’s a lot we can do as parents and/or guardians to prevent birth defects in children, although we are seldom aware of the possible steps. Since there is no better cure than prevention, let’s get into the details of five steps that can help in reducing the chances of birth defects in newborn children.

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Educate Yourself About the Relationship Between Maternal Age and Birth Defects

Regrettable as it may be, there is a direct relationship between maternal age and a mother’s chances of giving birth to a child with inherent, chromosomal defects such as Down syndrome. For example, a 25-year-old mother’s odds of having a child with Down syndrome is about 1 in 1,250, while the odds are higher than 1 in 100 for women at or past the age of 40.

Talk with your doctor and discuss your options, if you are planning to have a child after 35. There are several other risk factors such as a miscarriage or a stillbirth to be considered as well.

Be Careful About Choosing Your Doctor

There’s only so much we can do ourselves if the medical professional in charge of the childbirth is himself/herself negligent. Rely on reputation and experience, along with your own intuitions about the physician, before selecting who will be in charge of monitoring and delivering your child.

That is not enough at times, unfortunately, because even the most reputed physicians can make life-threatening mistakes at times. If by any chance your child was unlucky enough to become a victim of medical malpractice already, don’t hesitate to contact the Malpractice Group LLC for a free evaluation of the whole situation, along with detailed instructions regarding how to proceed with the lawsuit.

Avoid and Refrain from Activities that Can be Damaging to Both

While some of what needs to be avoided should be common sense, there are a few which require knowledge to be implemented successfully. Take note of the potentially harmful activities to avoid while you are pregnant.

  • Refrain from activities that stress your lower body and lower abdomen, especially after the first three months
  • Do not neglect the need for nutrition and take all additional supplements, as prescribed by your doctor
  • Do not smoke, drink or consume/inhale/inject any drugs that the physician has not prescribed
  • Do not overmedicate, not even vitamins
  • Don’t take on any activity that might expose you to heavy metals or other toxins (gardening, painting, house cleaning, DIY work, etc.)
  • Don’t neglect any unusual health complications; inform your doctor immediately
  • Do not subject yourself to any activity or situation that can lead to intense mental stress

Childbirth is supposed to be a cause for celebration, so it’s important that we take all steps necessary to keep it from becoming a cause for concern. Always think about the long-term scenario, rather than just the short-term goal of having a child. Your decisions are going to have everlasting impacts on a life, even before it gets to decide anything for itself, so ensure they are well-informed ones.

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