Why You Should Always Wear Underwear

Most people invest in underwear to make them comfortable, and to protect their privates. The underwear comes in numerous pieces that suit every person’s needs. Also, underwear is critical to the privates since it helps maintain the highest form of hygiene. You must choose appropriate underwear that suits the day’s activity and the type of cloth material you wear.  

Here are 7 reasons to always wear your underwear

No abrasion down there

Wearing underwear prevents chafing, which is skin irritation. This happens when the skin is rubbed against the skin. So, keep your boys safe by not going commando. Going commando means ditching underwear. Also, underwear is meant for this sensitive part of the body since it’s gentle, unlike shorts, and jeans. Underwear acts as a barrier between your groin and any scratching material. 

No crotch rot

Crotch rot is also known as tinea cruris. It is a skin infection resulting from putting on tight and wet clothes. Always keep your crotch clean and wear underwear to prevent it from rotting. Underwear material absorbs sweat better than pants, or shorts. It keeps your privates dry and clean.

No exposed leak

Your privates can leak if you have loose bowel movements or urine incontinence. Also, old age and certain illnesses can cause accidental bowel leakage. The discharge will be more prominent if you don’t put on underwear. To minimize such embarrassment caused by leaks, invest in good underwear online, and always put it on.

No embarrassing sweat stains 

A sweaty behind can be embarrassing and uncomfortable. It mostly happens if you go commando. But putting on underwear helps you prevent it. They trap sweat, thus preventing stains on your pants, jeans, and shorts.


Keeps you safe if the zipper breaks, or your fly opens

There are many times you have walked with your fly open and you didn’t realize. It can be embarrassing when you walk past people and they’re all looking down there mesmerized. However, you can reduce the embarrassment if you wear underwear that will not leave your junior exposed if your zipper breaks, or you forget to zip.  


Minimizes embarrassment from accidents

Clothes tend to wear out after a couple of years. So, when you wear them, expect they may break anytime, and anywhere. It is extremely embarrassing if your pant, jeans, or short splits in public, and you didn’t wear underwear. Always ensure you wear one if you want to be safe. 


You’ll always feel comfortable

While some men feel comfortable going commando, others don’t. Many people feel their privates are safe, inside the underwear. If you don’t wear one, leaks can pass through your trousers, or shorts, which can be embarrassing and uncomfortable. Underwear enhances your goods, such as bulge-enhancing briefs. 


If you want to feel comfortable and keep your goods safe and enhanced, invest in good underwear online. Avoid embarrassing incidents like leaks, which result from not putting on underwear. Going commando is not the best way. You risk exposing your goods to danger in case your zipper breaks or fly opens. Ensure you always wear underwear for safety and comfort. 

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