Do You Know a Magical Betting Formula?

Betting Formula

Learn a magical betting formula. Increase your chances of winning the wagers you place by learning about betting in Nigeria.

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A lot of people argue that betting is merely a game of luck and the actual possibility of a wager turning to a win cannot be determined. However, this is not true at all as pro gamblers use betting formulas more than often when placing a wager. Using a betting formula is recommended but this does not guarantee that you will win the bet every time you use a formula. In this article, we are going to explain a betting formula that has proven to be effective over the years.

Before you use any betting strategy, you need to understand the principle of value betting. As it is commonly implied, the principles of value betting are when you think a wager you have place will win. However, in the real sense, it simply refers to the likelihood of you winning a wager being greater than what the odds of the bookmaker implies. To win a bet, you must master this principle and be aware of the true value of each bet you place.

The Formula of Expected Goals

The formula of the expected goal measures the quality of chances and turns intuition into possibilities. In this formula, every chance is given the probability of being a goal. This formula has been tested on soccer several times, nevertheless, it can also be used for other sports.

As stated above the formula of expected goal measures the quality of chances. For example, in a soccer match where a player aims at the goal post from the 6-yard box. There is a higher chance of his shot making the goal post than when he shoots from 25 yards away. In this model or formula, the important aspect is where the player shoots his shot. The closer the player to the goal post, the percentage of the ball making the post increases. This model can be likened to every bet you are about to place.

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