Pest Infestation: How to Find the Warning Signs of Pests in Your Home

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Pests are a nuisance infestation that every homeowner dread. They are associated with costly removal services, property damage and, in some cases, health risks. The sooner you act on these pests, the easier it will be for you to remove them and consequently end their infestation. In most cases, the pests tend to multiply and spread quickly, making it hard for you to detect them early enough. However, you can watch out for a few warning signs to help detect pest infestation in your home. Read on to find out more about these warning signs.

9 Warning Signs of Pests in Your Home

Outlined below are some of the common pests warning signs to look out for in your home.

Pest Droppings

Pest droppings are among the most common pest infestation warning signs you are likely to come across in your home. It is advisable to check out for fecal droppings or urine trails. Once you notice any strange dropping be sure there are pests in your home.

In some cases, you can tell the kind of pest you are dealing with based on the droppings’ size and shape. For example, insect droppings are much smaller and may often go unnoticed, while rodent’s droppings are relatively bigger with a conical or spindly shape. You can find pest droppings between walls, behind appliances and on the floor.

Dirt or Grime

With pests in your home, you will find traces of dirt or grime on your walls or other parts of your house. For example, you might notice greasy smudges on the walls, which results from rodents rubbing their bodies against surfaces. In some cases, your home may seem dirtier or messier than usual. There might be traces of hair or fur left behind by rodents or crumbs and other food particles on the floor and the corners of the house.

Strange Smells

If there is a pest infestation in your home, you will notice some strange odor. These strange smells might come from pests’ dropping or rotting or stale food left behind by the rodents and insects. In some cases, pests may die in hidden parts of your house, such as ceiling tops, thus filling your home with an unpleasant smell.

Damaged Fabric

Damaged fabric may be an indicator of pest infestation. Fabric damage includes holes, stains and scratches on pieces of clothing or furniture. If you come across such damage, there is a high chance that your home has rats, mice or other rodents and insects.

Strange Sounds

Most pests and especially rodents are nocturnal, mainly coming out of their hiding places at night. As a result, there is a high chance you will hear strange noises at night when there is a pest infestation in your home. The peculiar sounds include squeaking, scratching and scuttling and may come from within or outside your house.


Nests are also a sign of pest infestation. For example, rodents are known to build nests in areas where they have infested. They build using any material available, including shredded paper, grass clippings, leaves or fabric. You will find the nests tucked away in hidden places like the basement, areas between the walls, behind household appliances and on rooftops.

Body Parts

Other than leaving behind droppings, pests also leave behind some of their body parts. For example, you might come across limbs, discarded skin, wings or fur on your walls, floors and windows. Take note of the body parts as they may help you identify the type of pest you are dealing with.

Damaged Plants

It is also advisable to observe your indoor and outdoor plants. Watch out for gnawing signs on the leaves or blades, insect trails and patches on the leaves. These may be warning signs of pest infestation.

Misplaced Objects

With pests such as rodents in your home, you will notice objects missing from their usual place. Rodents tend to pick items and tuck them away in their nests. They might carry pieces of fabric or other small household items.


Now that you know about the common pest infestation warning signs, it is important to take action as soon as you notice them. Waiting longer can worsen the infestation. You may handle them on your own or hire professional services to safely and permanently remove any pest.

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