What Should You Know When Selling Your Vintage Wine Online

Connoisseurs of wine have a special place in their heart for vintage wine. If you sell vintage wine, you are sure to find many takers. However, what is the best way of selling this exquisite wine so that you can make maximum profit out of it? The wine market is a reasonably liquid one, and since the sale of wine is not much affected due to global crisis issues, you can expect stable prices almost the entire year-round. Here are some of the things you should know if you want to sell vintage wine online.

1. Best Time of the Year

A vintage wine is mulled for years at a stretch, even decades. They are kept for years in underground cellars. However, many buyers prefer to buy the wine during the colder months, and the hot summers can change the texture and taste of the wine. If you try to sell vintage wine during the summers, you might see a dip in prices. 

You might have to pay extra for shipping to ensure that the wine remains in regulated temperatures. Check that the shipping services are well equipped to handle and deliver wine bottles and similarly delicate items. Depending on where you are shipping your wine, you should choose the time of the year to get the best price. 

2.  Providing the Details

When a buyer shows interest in buying your wine, be ready with all the information about your wine. The grapes of vintage wine should all be harvested in a single year. Provide accurate information about the wine’s name, the producer’s name, the vineyard’s details, and the reserve. 

Details about the kind of grapes used in the wine will also attract knowledgeable buyers. The buyer will not pay you if he is not completely satisfied with the information. If the wine is from a family-owned vineyard, you can also provide some history, along with a virtual tour, if possible. Also, provide details about the number of caskets or bottles you want to sell and the wine’s quantity per bottle. 

3.  Shipping

If you want to sell vintage wine online, it is your responsibility to ensure that it reaches the buyer in flawless condition. Even if the buyer has made you an advance, he might not be willing to pay you if a couple of bottles are broken within the casket or if there has been seepage from the bottles. 

The slightest damage could also affect the wine and your reputation as a wine seller. You must consider the fill levels, or ullage, of the wine bottles and pay extra attention to the packaging. The fill levels should match the labeling. On the other hand, if the buyer is ordering vintage wine for some special occasion, they may require special packaging, and you should be able to arrange for that as well. 

4.  Type of Wine You are Selling

Although you can sell wine online the entire year-round, some wines sell better at particular times of the year. Champagne is more prevalent during the holiday season, while red wines are famous during winters to go around with cozy family dinners or black-tie events. 

Lighter wines like white burgundy and rose do well around the spring and summer months. You should preferably sell all your wine by spring, so that come winter, you can stock up on fresh wine. Your vintage wine should have a unique space allotted in the cellar so that you can take time to sell this particular wine, rather than rushing to empty up space for any new batches of regular wine that might be arriving. 


Who You are Selling To

You can sell vintage wine online to any buyer over the internet. However, if there is a substantial order, you should check the buyer’s details, especially if they are to make the full payment after receiving the wine. It is easier to look up buyers like a restaurateur or corporate house ordering wine online for their annual event. It is slightly more challenging to look up private buyers. Nevertheless, you can ask them the relevant questions over email before you ship your precious vintage wine. 


With these points in mind, you can start to sell vintage wine online. It takes some careful consideration to start an online wine selling business, but it can pave the way for a significant venture. This way, you can ensure that your excess wine is well used, and you end up making some good money from the process. 

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